medicinal plants for home remedies

Medicinal Plants for Home

Use of Medicinal Plants and its Parts in day to day life is beneficial for body, mind and soul and this plants has no side effects and remove the disease from its source.

Ocimum Basilicum ( babul tulsi )
Adhatoda Vasica (bakas)
અરડૂસી છોડ
Aloe Indica
Commsiphoia Murrha
કાળા મરી
Pimenta diolca (all spice)
ગરમ મસાલો
Cynamonum Zeylanicula
તજ પત્તા   
Asparagus Racemosa
Mimosa Pudica (lajwanti)
Plumbago Rosea (rakta chita)
લાલ ચીત્રક
Wedelia Calendulacea (bhrami)
Myristica Fragans
Vinca Rosea
Withania Somanifera
અશ્વ ગંધા

Diwali diyas made by blind girls at Light House for the Blind Girls

Celebrate Eco Friendly Diwali by lighting Diyas :

Handmade Diwali Diyas in Ahmedabad at Andh Kanya Prakash Gruh ( Light House For the Blind Girls ) this diyas are made by Handicap and blind girls.

Andh Kanya Prakash Gruh,
Behind Manav Mandir, 
Near Shakamba Party plot,
Memnagar, Ahmedabad, 
Gujarat - India.
Phone: 079 - 27490147

Chickoo - Shady tree with Fruits

We known chickoo plant as a chickoodi in Gujarat. It is grown up to hundred feet in height. Chickoo plant stop the winds. It’s age is long and have a dark green leaves. If you wish to grow trees who gives shade and fruits with increasing beauty of your landscape, I am suggesting you chickoo plantation because its mature tree looking beautiful and it’s sweet fruits also beneficial for our health too. Grafted chickoo plant given instant fruits starting from plantation because it can be grafted using its mother plant branch and base plant is rayan plant. Generally in Gujarat nurseryman are grafted plant by rayan kalam. If you have an open space in society, farmhouse or in backyard this is good plant for plantation. Birds also like this plants fruits so they often comes on this trees and you can listen parrots and other birds chirping sweet voice also. There are two types of chickoo grown by the farmers in Gujarat. One is “kalipatti chickoo” (it’s fruit shape like an egg) and second is “football chickoo” (it’s fruit looks like a round ball) in Gujarat this trees are major horticulture cash crop.

If different countries chickoo known by different names, India and Pakistan it is known by chickoo. It’s English name is “Sapodilla”. In south India ( Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh) they know as sapodilla. In Indonesia it known as “sawo” and costarica, cuba, Puerto rico, Nicaragua, Venezuela an domanican Dominican Republic it is famous by “nispero”. In the fruit of chickoo the presence of latex is high and does not ripen until chickoo picked.            

Celebrate Green Navratri in Gujarat - Ahmedabad

How we can help to stop global warming by wasting less energy and less pollution during the navratri and enjoy “green Navratri” for our helath and environment safety, and spread the message in the world that Gujarati’s are also care all the aspects during their festivals also.   

This festival celebrated in baroda, ahmedaba, rajkot, surat big cities of Gujarat so there are lots of air, noise and plastic pollution we can stop by our little efforts.  

In Navratri festival in Major pollution is loud noise pollution. We can use decrease it by “dhol ne tale ” and lower/medium loud speaker voice at garba place. And follow the rules by the government time restriction. Use the limited lights for saving the electricity. By some activities we can helps to stop lots of airpollution during this nine days festival. Instead of going to clubs and party plots celebrate the garbas with your friends at your society/apartments, by this activity you can enjoy ras garba with your relatives. and save the fuel which is the major air pollution factor during the festival. All the youngsters roaring here and there with their vehicles. But how much pollution their smoke spread they don’t know. Some of the society arranges the snacks in garbas so avoding the disposable glasses and dishes you can save money and decrease the plastic pollution this plastics are not recyclable and dangerous for earth. 

Environment/Eco-Friendly Ganesh Chaturthi Festival How we can Celebrate!

An environmental/eco friendly Ganesh Chaturthi festival how we can celebrate? And save our river and lakes from water pollution, but still a large section of the society are unaware of the pollution and environmental damage done by Plaster of Paris ganpati idols and chemical colors. In Ahmedabad Gulbai Tekra Area is the hub of Making Ganesh Idols we can tell them benefits of the environment friendly idols.

Plaster of Paris (POP) is not a logically occurring material and contain gypsum, sulphur, phosphorus and magnesium in it. The Murti take several months to dissolve in water and in the process poison the waters of ponds, lake and rives and seas. The alternate of this regular tradition is eco friendly idols of ganesha. Which is made from clay and painted with natural colors. And one another option we have is use permanent idols made of stone and perform a symbolic immersion and reuse the idol all not use public water bodies for Ganesh Visarjan. And one option is the idols made from eco friendly materials. There are lots of option we have to save water from chemical colors and Plaster of Paris. Use of  the ‘nirmalya’ as a fertilizer, which is produce during the festival like flowers, which you can simply dumped in the soil it can be later converted in to fertilizer instead of throwing in a water at the last day of visarjan.

Cycus Palm Cycus Revoluta Landscape Garden Plant

cycus revoluta plantCycas Revoluta is known as Sago Plant and Cycas Palm or Cycas Plant it is a best Landscape Garden Plants for Ahmedabad Gardens. it can easily grwon in the Ahmedabad Temperature and The Plant also required lots of Direct Sunlight and Less Care and Fertilizer for his Growth but Inspection is Required to develop good Specimen. it is propagated by two methods one is by pups and another is by seedlings, but in ahmedabad you can not easily find the pups of  cycas it is grown near the clump base. you can buy small plants from nurseries its prize starts from 150 to 1,00,000 depends upon the age of the plants. cycus gives new leaves once in a year in the month of April or May. if you put the plants in semi shade it gives more leaves. and under the direct sunlight it gives long and less leaves.

Easy to Grow Flower Plants for Gardens in Ahmedabad

Easy to Grow Flower plants for Gardens in Ahmedabad :

1. Ixora (Red, Pink, White, Yellow, Orange) (એકઝોરા)   
2. Nerium Oleander (કરણ) – Single, Double Flower Single Available in White, White and Yellow
    Mix, Red blood, Pink, light Pink and Double Available now in                                                       Pink and Red Blood Pink)
3. Canna (Orange, Yellow, White, Pink) (કેના)
4. Champa ( Hybrid Small White Flower, and Desi Champa )
5. Tikoma Gaudi Chaudi (Yellow, Pink Flowers) Hybrid variety Tikoma capancis
6. Vinca Rosea (Barmasi) (બારમાસી) 
7. Bougainvillea (બોગનવેલ) Many Colours like White, Pink, Orange, Variegated bougainvillea.
8. Quisqualis indica (Madhumalti) (મધુમાલતી) fragrant plant
9. Chandni – (Botanical Name: Ervatamia coronaria )
10. Hibiscus - (જાસુદ) Desi and English Varieties both well grown but some time mealybug can harm and searing up the plants.
11. Mogra - (મોગરા) બટ મોગરા (મોટા ફૂલ સારી સુગંધ), મોતિયા મોગરા (મોતી જેવા ફૂલ), મોગરા ની વેલ.   

Ahmedabad Goes for Plantation guiness records

On 31st July 2010 – In One Day 6.50 lacs Plants Plantations Done : More than 1000 Plants Planted by Forest department at 84 Different Places including School, College, Kathwada GIDC Industral area, IIT Chandkheda, Behind Motera stadium, Gujarat Science City and AUDA Areas. For this process Plant Stocks are available Corpration’s Nine Nursery and another ten places. For whole this record documentation prodcedure they take the helps of volunteer persons who are excluding municipal and forest departnebt  for clarity of this records.    

In Plantation Ahmedabad Going for Guiness Book World Record

States Forest and Environment Department and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Held Plantation of 6.5 Lack Saplings in Ahmedabad on 31st July and Make the Records in Guiness Book. In this project 3 lacs plants planted in city’s different areas. And in this events more than 1000 plants are planted in different 84 places. This events organized under “Swarnim Prakruti Mahotsav”. In City Every year plantation can be held but lack of care and people unawareness the program can not success and plants are searing up later monsoon. This time the plants can be grown & care by public and private partnership. I felt that If 60% Plants can grown Sucessfully from above plantation next monsoon we see the Gree Ahmedabad by Our greening ahmedabad Effords.

Where and How Much Plantation Can Held:
Gujarat University                                 50,000
Naroda, Odhav, Vatva GIDC               60,000  
ONGC Chandkheda                            10,000
Swaminarayan Gurukul, Charodi           10,000
Reliance Industries, Naroda                    6,500
Railway Track Side Plantation                10,000
School - College                                   20,000
By Municipal School board : Plantation In 221 Schools
CIIYI                                                   11,111
Sheth C.N.Vidhyala                                1,500
Gandhi Ashram                                       2,000
Torrent Power                                      10,000

Saptparni shady trees for decrease summer temperature in ahmedabad

Alstonia (Saptparni) or devil tree is genus of evergreen trees or shrubs with white funnel-shaped flowers and milky sap. This is a ideal shady, easy to grow and helping in control the noise pollution and decrease the carbon dioxide from the air. From last several years many landscaper and garden designer specially in Construction building gardens apartmental schmes they are planted there. It looks good and green and grow like a umbrella. If you don’t like a big trees which are falling the leaves every time in your compound then you can try this plant because this plant not falling the leaves and looks good in your garden you can also make you this plant for roadside plantation it gives royal looks with lots of shades. Saptparni is really elegant whether it is flowering or not.
saptparni tree

The slightly rounded, leathery, dark green leaves form whorls of 4-7. And a very regular branching gives the tree a beautiful shape. This plants have seven leaves in one leaf so it called saptparni tree. It is easily available in local ahmedabad nursery from Rs.15 to 60. according to size. You can find this plant in municipal AUDA gardens also and roadside it is recently planted at BRTS Side plantation. In India the bark of Alstonia scholaris is used solely for medicinal purposes, ranging from Malaria and epilepsy to skin conditions and asthma. The wood is too soft for making anything - so it is usually used in making packing boxes, blackboards etc. in Ayurveda it is used  as a bitter and as an astringent herb for treating skin disorders, malarial fever,  urticaria, chronic dysentery, diarrhea, in snake bite and for upper purification process of Panchakarma. Its bark, known as Dita Bark, is used in traditional medicine to treat dysentry and fever. On the Western Ghats, tribal people are reluctant to sit or pass under this tree, for the fear of the devil. The  Milky juice of the tree is applied to ulcers.

Mini zoo in ahmedabad - Rasala nature park

Have you been Ever find that are you sitting at the opposite site of the GLS Collage and near few steps away spotted deers, monkeys, lovebirds, budgerigar, turtles and rabbits are in his own enjoyment with lots of trees surrounded. I am talking about a mini zoo named “Rasala Nature Park” who is situated in the posh area of Ahmedabad at Opposite Gymkhana, Near GLS collage, Law Garden Cross Road the place is children friendly place.

white pigeon ahmedabad park
Where children can learn about cute animals  recently white turkey, duck, fancy pigeons white and black, Persian Cats are there and sledges, swings, marry go rounds for children. Park close at seven p.m. in the evening. Another big city zoo in ahmedabad is Kankaria zoo (Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahalay) at kankaria and one of the beautiful lake are there.the medium size zoo at Gandhinagar is Indroda Nature Park.

monkey rasala nature park The zoo at Indroda nature park has animals like leopard, spotted deer, sambar, bluebull, blackbuck, chinkara, jackal, four-horned antelope, crocodile, porcupine, about 180 birds (42 species of birds in the aviary). like budgerigar, indian ring neck, dove, duck, pigeon,  rosella parrot, rabbit, python, Saras, lovebirds. The Park has about 65 birds which build their nests every year in the wilderness of the park. In the snake park, there are number of venomous and non-venomous snakes.which is spread over an area of about 400 ha in Gandhinagar- the capital city of Gujarat.

Sundarvan in Ahmedabad - a Mini zoo - Children's Best Fun with Animal World

Sundarvan is situated near ISRO Ahmedabad at satellite, you can find here best place for children to educate them with animals very closely and they can enjoy this place also. you can seen here budgerigar, cockatiel, love bird, finches, white pigeon, rabbit, turtle, different types of snakes, anaconda, fish aquarium, hamsters, cock, etc. they also arrange "Snake Show" to give information on different types of Snakes.

Sundarvan Phone No.: 079-26921838
Entry Fees: Yes

Happy Environment Day 2010

To All of You Happy Environment Day 2010 And Make Earth More Greener and Save the Energy and Use Natural Solar Energy .......!!!!!

Happy Environment Day
Grow More Trees and Save Already Planted Trees 
Make Plantation in Your Society, School and Temple Places and Open Space Grow Shady and Shady Trees they Gives you Oxygen for Your Life and Our Futures...!!!!
We Grow them They Save all of us they never take always believe in giving.

Trees with us from our childhood to our death...never forgive them.they are our true  friends.

Farmhouse concept and Greenery

Cycus Revoluta Plant
Farm House means what? You are thinking that a house made in the farm. Where some lawn area and some small plants are planted but this is not true and enough to develop a farm house like this. In the the farm house you can use all the land for plantation do not waste so much land for develop only lawn area like a golf club because it is your farm house but make the lawn area small and plant a big beneficial trees in your farmhouse like need tree, gulmohar tree,Chickoo,Amla plant,coconut palm tree, and you can also develop small green house and vermi compost there and develop ornamental flowers in it like orchid, hybrid rose, some indoor plants, you can make your own small nursery there and develop the plants from soft and semi hard plants cuttings, so it can save your money on purchasing the plants from nursery.  I have seen most of people are develop the farmhouse but they can not grow the plants that gives you so much clean air, humidity, Return on Investment like Fruit plants, Vegitable plants I suggest you to grow shady trees, you can also grow trees on the line of the land periphery area like saag wood tree, medicinal plants, make your farm lush green. Where you can see only green leafs you can saw there, and you can feel the difference from this types of farmhouse and it is your Sunday best activity to pass time in your farm and it can makes you a good gardener also.

Humble Request Put Water bowl for birds in hot summer

bird water bowlKindly put a pot or big Water bowl full of water in the balcony for birds to protect them in hot summer. If your house is a raw house (society) type, humble request you to do the same for animals, cow, and dog. We must protect our birds and animals, those who can not speak their troubles. to anyone. Kindly forward this message to all your friends and relatives and also tell to do this noble work. Please help them ! Will take little time daily. They gives you hidden blessings by heart. Proud to Be a Good Indian and It is our Responsibility to save environment and preserve them. And also take your plants also because they also need water in hot summer, and helps in decreasing temperature.

waterbowl for birds
Cuckoo Bird - Koyal Drinking Water in Summer Days
Indian Crow Drinking Water
myna kabar bird feeder in ahmedabad
Indian Myna Drinking Water
Indian Dove - Streptopelia Bird Drinking Water

Green and Clean, With Full of Trees Ahmedabad my dream

Green Ahmedabad is my Dream and I am Giving my Afford what ever I can do my city and through this medium how to Clean and make green Ahmedabad. With the help of you kind peoples. I am sharing the ideas and Reality to make Ahmedabad more clean city.

Here I am Focus on Greenery and Plantation and Less Garbage production, which is Necessary in the current time. To fight with Global Warming and helps to breathe clean air to my entire city, state, country and world.

Basically Gardening, Plantation and Landscaping is my hobby from my Childhood. And I believe that this task in not tough and not too easy to done. Here I am sharing the knowledge of gardening what is gardening ?  what is horticulture. How to make plants at home and grow trees, flower plants, fruit plants at you home garden, your grounds, offices, factories. I found that lots of land at empty at Residence but lack of knowledge and Proper idea people are not interested in gardening but they forget the future. You know very well that everyone can birth in wooden’s swing and when he dead, his last moment on wooden’s bed. Trees are our Best Friends and Parents.

Make Fertilizer at home and keep the Soil Healthy

By making fertilizer at home by vegetable, flowers and fruit waste for making compost fertilizer you need one big container if you are living in apartment and for open space owner they directly make it at land. You can dump vegetable wastes in the land or container and fill with soil do not giving water in this area after 15-20 days vegetable waster converted into compost fertilizer and also improve the soil quality where it is dumping the soil can absorbs the all water part from the waste so the fertilizer and nutrient in the waster can be transferred into the soil so the soil can get some minerals and vitamins. This soil and fertilizer can help the plant to its natural growth and good flowering quality can be improves. Try and see the result so you have not need to pay for costly fertilizers for your garden and plants.

By this technique we can stop to spread vegetable and fruit waste on the road side. Some people are throwing vegetable wastes packed in plastic bag and throw near road side. So it can be eaten by cows so this plastic is poisonous for cows also and some major stomach problems in the cows. and this task done by womens help and most women also helps in gardening and they also like gardening activity. i believe that every people can develop the garden by his own's responsibility to save environment and it is a true indian.  

Horticulturey nursery exhibition in ahmedabad

Gujarat Horticulture Nursery Exhibition In Ahmedabad Photo gallery of Flower,Fruit Plants and Bonsai Plants - February 2010

  • Big Orange,Red,and Pink Roses 
  • Ajirtum Flower
  • Beautiful Flower Arrangement
  • Gaillardia Flower Plant
  • Different Colors of Rose Flowers

Tulsi house Plant Benefits and Care

Tulis Plant : Benefits and Care

Tulsi Plant is a Pious Plant in Hindu Religion and Every House have this plant if they reside in Flats, Apartment, Bunglows or Farmhouse all are making pooja and planted in their homes. this plant also have some medicinal uses. there are basic two varieties of this plant ram tulsi and shyam tulsi.

Tulsi is a medicinal plant that confer durability. Its healing use prove amazingly winning. Each part of the Tulsi plant possesses medicinal property. If eleven Tulsi leaves are taken with four black pepper seeds, malaria, periodic fever and all other ailments will be cure.Gradhrasivata, or sharp pain in nerves of the body. If steam from boiling water contain Tulsi foliage is used for fomentation of the affected part, much relief` is obtained.

Elderly people who take Tulsi do not experience weakness of old age. Tulsi becomes more effective when used with Yogic asanas and breath-control exercises. To lose weight or to gain weight. Tulsi has proved to be an infallible remedy for poor digestion, lack of appetite, constipation, flatulence, acidity and other disorders of the digestive tract.

Tulsi plant is easy to grow and easy to care if you are using this plant leaves for medicinal purpose then use organic,vermi compost or cow dung as a fertilizer for this plant. it is natural fertilizers. and it can keep the plant healthy and fit. also give good fragrance from leafs, do not give too much watering to this plant becuase it may cause the plant and  turn the leaves yellow and take proper care of this plant in summer when the water requirement is high. mulch the soil once in month to keep the plant healthy and it is good for its growth. tulsi plant have a power of decreasing air pollution so grow more tulsi plants at your home. it can make your garden green and make the air clean and fresh for your health. you can grow this plant any where in containers, but mud pots are the best to grow this plant and land growing is the first preference it have ground soil. and also make the positive effect on your home environment. People from india Residing into Abroad like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New zeland can also grown tulsi at their home they only need to get basil seeds while they come to india or get it by some one relative visiting india can get for them.

How to Grow Tulsi Plant:

(તુલસી નો છોડ ઉગાડવાની રીત)
  • Take one Container or Choose Space for Growing Tulsi
  • Take River Soil (compost) or Farm Soil
  • Take Dry Powdered Form of Cow dung or Vermi Compost.
  • Mix the Soil and Fertilizer Well.
  • Fill the Container with half portion of soil and half of fertilizer and mix it well.
  • Spread the Tulsi Plant Seeds on the upper side and sprinkle little mix of soil/ fertilizer on it so seeds can hide little bit.
  • Give the Water to soil/ container (do not give too much water).
  • Give the water Continously daily basis as soil can get dry. Seeds can be germinate in few days.
  • You can grow this plant in any season. rainy season is best to transplant, fast growing from seeds.