green diwali celebrations avoid crackers

Happy Green Diwali...!!!

Green Diwali Celebrations Rally by Avoiding Crackers and to Avoid Cancer.

The H.B.Kapadia New High School, Memnagar can organize one Rally of school children, on 29th october 2013 to spread awareness for save environment. by our little efforts we can stop the smoke pollution produced during the diwali festival. we give the knowledge to our children for the pollution effects and smoke and the dangerous for health materials are used in the production of fire crackers. and the smoke can lead many serious diseases.

Pollutants in the fire crackers...

Can lead to...
Suspended Particulate Matter

  •            Asthma
  •            Cancer
  •            Lung Diseases
  •            Pneumoconiosis
Respiratory Particulate Matter

  •            Respiratory illness
  •            Heart Diseases

  •            Eye burning
  •            Headache
  •            Cancer
  •            Heart  diseases
Nitrous Oxide

  •            Lung irritation
  •            Chest tightness
  •            Airway resistance

  •            Affects brain, Skin, Liver, Pancreas.

  •            Affects kidney
  •            Anaemia
Lead and Magnesium

  •            Affect the Central Nervous System

  •            Carcinogen

  •            Skin irritation
Nitrate and Nitrite

  •            Dizziness
  •            Vomiting
  •            Nausea
  •            Convulsions

  •            Affects Liver
  •            Severe Eye Damage

Say no to fire crackers and enjoy a peaceful and Safe Diwali Celebration...!!!

Content Source: Flyer H.B.Kapadia New High School, Memnagar.

Happy Diwali...and Wish you a Very Happy New Year.
Lets Keep the City Green and Clean with our together Little Efforts.
Grow More Trees and Care Already Planted.
green diwali celebration

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