Cycus Palm Cycus Revoluta Landscape Garden Plant

cycus revoluta plantCycas Revoluta is known as Sago Plant and Cycas Palm or Cycas Plant it is a best Landscape Garden Plants for Ahmedabad Gardens. it can easily grwon in the Ahmedabad Temperature and The Plant also required lots of Direct Sunlight and Less Care and Fertilizer for his Growth but Inspection is Required to develop good Specimen. it is propagated by two methods one is by pups and another is by seedlings, but in ahmedabad you can not easily find the pups of  cycas it is grown near the clump base. you can buy small plants from nurseries its prize starts from 150 to 1,00,000 depends upon the age of the plants. cycus gives new leaves once in a year in the month of April or May. if you put the plants in semi shade it gives more leaves. and under the direct sunlight it gives long and less leaves.