Earth day 2015

Earth Day 2015

Earth Day 2015, Save Energy Save Nature, Save Our Future...

  • Use Solar Energy - Solar Cooker, Solar Lights
  • Save Electricity  - Use Natural Lights, Make Windows in Each Rooms, Use Natural Lights in Day Time. 
  • Go To Bed Early, Wake Up Early, Can Save Energy and Improves Health Too.
  • Always Carry a Cloth Bags/ Paper bags Along with Go for Shopping, Stop the Use of Plastic Polythene bags.
  • Save Our Earth, Grow More Trees and Save the Already Planted Trees, Grow One Tree on Your Every Birthday.
  • Grow more trees near your house, can cool the temperature of your surroundings can helps in Saving more Electric city.
  • Do not Pollute Jungles, Forest, Nature Picnic Places with Plastic and Other Waste it can harm the forest/jungles and its eco system and native birds and animals too.
  • Use Kitchen Waste for Making Compost Fertilizer at Home, which Can Helps Municipalities to Stop Takes your Kitchen Waste to Carry to Dumping Sites, which can decrease air pollution of their vehicles. all the citizens can do this can helps municipalties in waste managements. Grow Vegetables at home you can also grow vegetables on terrace and balcony. 
  • Our Together little efforts can make this things possible, let's make it possible.  

list of municipal nursery ahmedabad

List of Municipal Nursery in Ahmedabad

  • Lok Manya Tilak Garden Nursery, Nr.Ellisbridge
  • Chakudia Nursery, Shramik Kranti Garden, Nr.Chakudia Mahadev, Rakhial
  • Navdeep Nursery, Nr.D K Patel Hall, Naranpura
  • Kotarpur Nursery, Kotarpur Water Works
  • Dedki Nursery, Nr.Khokhra Bridge, Kankaria
  • Parimal Nursery, Parimal Garden, Ambawadi