Garden competition by Gujarat horticulture association on Sunday 30-1-2011

Gujarat Horticulture association organize a Garden competition/exhibition on 30-01-2011, Saunday, this type of competition cum exhibition can be organizing since last 42 yrs. Intent of the competition is Increasing awareness for Environment in people and people can take interest in this subject. from citizens to gardeners and any organization can take part in the competition. For entry in this competition you need to fillup only form no fees for entry. forms are available from Gujarat horticulture association nursery, Panchvati road, Ahmedabad before 26-01-2011. you can also buy indoor plants and outdoor plants for your home, farmhouse and flats and terrace gradens, and garden tools, fertilizers (plant food), organic fertilizers, seasonal flower plants seeds, seasonal flowers seeds, plastic pots, hanging baskets, awesome bonsai plants and rose varities offered by ahmedabad famous and old nursery. all types of nursery plants are available here. and meet the different big nursery and its new varieties of plants. 

Celebrate uttrayan kite festival with green things in mind

Celebrate uttrayan with some things to keep in mind, Think that your kite is take off from your roof, but it can't stop to fly some bird whole life. please use the proper Manja which can not harm the birds and humans. some serious accident incident made on this days due to manja, when the kite cuts and goes on the path and some peoples lose their life by this manja. uttrayan is also known as Makar Sankranti and famous in Gujarat and special city of ahmedabad where people are waiting for this day of uttrayan from long times. you can help by do not playing loud speakers on this day and celebrate peaceful day of makar sankranti with enjoying undhiyu and jalebi with family and friends. if you find some injured bird please contact bird helpline in ahmedabad which can help to save his life. also give this number to your friends and relatives so you can save thier life by doing little work.