Green and Clean, With Full of Trees Ahmedabad my dream

Green Ahmedabad is my Dream and I am Giving my Afford what ever I can do my city and through this medium how to Clean and make green Ahmedabad. With the help of you kind peoples. I am sharing the ideas and Reality to make Ahmedabad more clean city.

Here I am Focus on Greenery and Plantation and Less Garbage production, which is Necessary in the current time. To fight with Global Warming and helps to breathe clean air to my entire city, state, country and world.

Basically Gardening, Plantation and Landscaping is my hobby from my Childhood. And I believe that this task in not tough and not too easy to done. Here I am sharing the knowledge of gardening what is gardening ?  what is horticulture. How to make plants at home and grow trees, flower plants, fruit plants at you home garden, your grounds, offices, factories. I found that lots of land at empty at Residence but lack of knowledge and Proper idea people are not interested in gardening but they forget the future. You know very well that everyone can birth in wooden’s swing and when he dead, his last moment on wooden’s bed. Trees are our Best Friends and Parents.