Fertilizer at home using kitchen waste composting

Make Fertilizer at your Home using Kitchen Waste Composting Technique

Green Beautifual garden, home grown healthy fruits and vegitable have you ever taste of that. even if you live in 10 floor in highrise building or in bunglow in ahmedabad. it's possible by your little efforts, By making organic fertilizer from vegitable kitchen waste we can make our city green and clean so i need your help are you ready for that ?... let's go. Our few minutes from our each day we can make it possible. it can also helps to AMC ( Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation ) to tow extra kitchen waste to Suez Farm, we can also help them on decreasing expense of collection waste & pollution of AMC vehicles on their. Flowers, Vegitable waster are managable and easy to convert it into organic fertilizer.

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Sardarvallabhbhai Patel National Memorial Shahibaug

Sardarvallabhbhai Patel National Memorial

Sardarvallabhbhai Patel National Memorial. This Museum is established in the memory of Sardar vallabhbhai patel who was a great freedom fighter. by visiting this museum you can find the biography which includes the detailed description on all phases of his life. This garden is one of the greenest place in ahmedabad. and also  called Sardar Open Garden. In the Morning People are also coming for Morning Walk, you can also seen Peacocks (india national bird) are seen here freely roaring in the garden. this place is near the Circuit house. you can also visit near by holy temple places like Gayatri Mandir close to the museum and Hanuman Camp temple on Airport Road.

sardar vallbhbhai patel national memorial ahmedabad

sardar open garden

sardar patel national memorial ahmedabad india

Water bowl for birds & sparrow nests

water bowl for birdscool water for birds

Please put the water bowl for birds in summer at your balcony or compound, because in hot summer days birds are died due to dehydration, and high temperature in Ahmedabad and other cities may increased in India. The needs of water in birds and animals increased in summer days. Really you can get the pleasure and calm while watching birds to drink water and bathing in water bowl. if possible make water bowl for birds from your old matka or buy mud water bowl ready available with potter shop. These days the season of sparrow's breeding they need the nest to lay their eggs. You can put the simple empty waster small corrugated boxes  for sparrows nest in your balcony. Or you can buy it from potters. or just use old matka for thier nest. Sparrows nest specially designed are available at potters. In city areas the modern designs of homes and flats and buildings have no proper space for setup nest of sparrows. it is the main reason of hide sparrows from ahmedabad. And another big reason of their food, and new landscape garden designs in Ahmedabad. In new garden designs they can not add Shady trees. And the fruit plant and good nuts producing trees. so plant new shady trees and fruits plants in coming monsoon. and also take extra care of existing plants in summer. 

prahladnagar garden ahmedabad

Prahladnagar Garden in Ahmedabad

Prahladnagar AUDA garden situated at prahladnagar satellite near s.g. higway, ...!!! a example of beautiful landscaping, different types of landscape plants are planted here and its a nearby public garden for morning walkers, senior citizens, and its a good weekend go to park destinations for the families also.

prahladnagar garden ahmedabad

travellers palm plants ahmedabad garden
Travellers Palm at Prahladnagar Garden - A Tropical Palm  Plant
bottlepalm prahladnagar amc garden
Bottle Palms at Prahladnagar Garden - Royal Palm Plant
prahladnagar garden ahmedabad

prahlad nagar garden

Garden horticulture exhibition 2012 ahmedabad

As usual of all years this month of February Horticulture Exhibition held at Horticulture Association Nursery at Law Garden, Different Prize wins Bonsai's puts there on Displays and Varieties of Different Flowers, Fruits, Vegitables in variety of colors and shapes on display for visitors. there are several Nursery Owners and Garden tools suppliers, fertilizers manufacturer, garden related products stalls for buying garden accessories, seeds, plants, hanging baskets, bonsai, rose plants, fruits plants in good quality and seasonal flowers at very low prize for sale in this exhibition. you are not believe that "desi rose plant" for sale only with Rs. 10/- , vinca rosea - barmasi plant with different exotic colors with Rs.10/-. and bonsai ready made plants avaiable. here are the few pics which i have captured from my digital camera for you.

ficus panda bonsai
Ficus Panda Bonsai - very easy to grow
Ficus plant bonsai
Adenium Bonsai
ficus panda bonsai plant
Ficus Panda Bonsai
adenium bonsai
Adenium Bonsai  - Easy to care - poisonous plant

Jiniperus - forest bonsai

Sparrow, on bonsai tree branch plant. looking awesome...!!!
Ready with Combination of rose merry, snow bush, alovera, rocks, turtle toy.

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