how to propogate ixora plant -grafting by air layering

How to propogate ixora flower plant propogation by Air Layering Technique: 

Grafted ixora plant this monsoon it is easy to graft ixora plant by air layering, used by sphagnum moss, you need to remove bark of branch and wrap the sphagnum moss with enough thickness. and cover it with plastic like chocolate. give regular water to this graft on moss. in monsoon season it can expose roots quickly in three weeks. after cut from end and transplant this air layering into training nursery plastic bag. this plant is developed in two month. put the plant under shady area upto 20 days, until the plant not set properly and grow properly. then use to plant in garden or in containers.   

ixora plant airlayering

ixora plant propogation

ixora grafting