flower show 2013 in ahmedabad

Flower Show 2013 in Ahmedabad - at Sabarmati River Front

The Flower Show 2013 in Ahmedabad Held at Sabarmati river front Managed by AMC { Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation }. There  are Different types Indian and Foreign Flower Varieties like Gladiolus, Marigold, Poinsettia, Petunias, Pentus, Gerbera, Sunflower, Chrysanthemum {Sevanti}, Chinese Roses, Dahlia Flower, Mogra flower, Bouganvilla, Silverleaf Plant, Fig Ficus Bonsai, Exotic Vegetables, All Colours Hibiscus Flowers, There are Many Plant Nursery Garden Stores and Products on Sale & Displays found here. like Fertilizers, sprinklers, sprayers, drip irrigation system, Pesticides, Garden tools, The Innovation In Flowers Can be Possible by Improved Horticulture Techinques and Great Affords of Agriculture and Horticulture Experts and scientists  and Labroratories. i Really Heartly thanks to them. Here are the Flower Photo Gallery of the Exhibition.
flower show 2013 gujarat map
Gujarat State Map from Flowers

Petunia Flower Ground Cover Bed

Ficus & Champa Plant Bonsai on Carpet Lawn
elephant from red bhaji plant
Elephant from Red Bhaji Plant
amc green ahmedabad campaign

Marigold Flower and Coleus
Marigold flowers and Coleus { Tilak Tulsi } Plant
Orange Hibiscus Flower Pot
Hybrid Hibiscus Flower { Jasud flower } Plant

Strawberry plant ahmedabad show
Strawberry Fruit Plant

Adenium - Desert Rose Flower Plant

thuja plant
Thuja Plant

chinese rose flower
Red and White Chinese Rose

wall garden idea buckets
Horizontal Plant Wall Stand
banyan tree bonsai plant
Banyan Tree Bonsai
Poinsettia Plant
Poinsettia Plant - Having Red Leaf
Cycus revoluta bonsai
Cycus Revoluta Plant Bonsai

christmas tree plant ahmedabad
Christmas Tree
adenium bonsai plant
Adenium Plant Red Pink Flower
hanging garden plants india

birds animal helpline number ahmedabad

Birds Animal Helpline Number for Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar

Mobile: 98240 37521, 98798 77281

On Every Kite Festivals ( Uttarayan ) Day, Birds are injured by Sharp Ropes/Dori Mixed with Glass Scrumb.  We Enjoy the Fly of Kite this Two Days but Birds who is injured by kites ropes, never flies, or dead. 

Please Keep this Points in Mind While Found Injured bird : 
  • Do not Hold injured bird long time in your Hand, Please put it in Plastic bucket or Corrugated box which is having small holes periphery so bird can take breathe.
  • If you found ropes excessively handed on  trees, and on the terrace please remove it and placed it in a dustbin.
  • Contact Immediately Animal/Bird Help line their staff member can comes and gives them treatment or take them to the Hospital for more treatment. 

This is Free service Provided by Asha Foundation: 
Ahmedabad Birds Helpline Number : 9824037521, 9879877281
Gandhinagar Bird Helpline No.: 90337 22722, 971272 22722
Shelter,: Asha Foundation, Near Lalgebi Ashram, Hathijan, Ahmedabad.
Website: www.ashafoundationindia.org

Save Birds, Save Nature...!