Easy to Grow Flower Plants for Gardens in Ahmedabad

Easy to Grow Flower plants for Gardens in Ahmedabad :

1. Ixora (Red, Pink, White, Yellow, Orange) (એકઝોરા)   
2. Nerium Oleander (કરણ) – Single, Double Flower Single Available in White, White and Yellow
    Mix, Red blood, Pink, light Pink and Double Available now in                                                       Pink and Red Blood Pink)
3. Canna (Orange, Yellow, White, Pink) (કેના)
4. Champa ( Hybrid Small White Flower, and Desi Champa )
5. Tikoma Gaudi Chaudi (Yellow, Pink Flowers) Hybrid variety Tikoma capancis
6. Vinca Rosea (Barmasi) (બારમાસી) 
7. Bougainvillea (બોગનવેલ) Many Colours like White, Pink, Orange, Variegated bougainvillea.
8. Quisqualis indica (Madhumalti) (મધુમાલતી) fragrant plant
9. Chandni – (Botanical Name: Ervatamia coronaria )
10. Hibiscus - (જાસુદ) Desi and English Varieties both well grown but some time mealybug can harm and searing up the plants.
11. Mogra - (મોગરા) બટ મોગરા (મોટા ફૂલ સારી સુગંધ), મોતિયા મોગરા (મોતી જેવા ફૂલ), મોગરા ની વેલ.   

Ahmedabad Goes for Plantation guiness records

On 31st July 2010 – In One Day 6.50 lacs Plants Plantations Done : More than 1000 Plants Planted by Forest department at 84 Different Places including School, College, Kathwada GIDC Industral area, IIT Chandkheda, Behind Motera stadium, Gujarat Science City and AUDA Areas. For this process Plant Stocks are available Corpration’s Nine Nursery and another ten places. For whole this record documentation prodcedure they take the helps of volunteer persons who are excluding municipal and forest departnebt  for clarity of this records.    

In Plantation Ahmedabad Going for Guiness Book World Record

States Forest and Environment Department and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Held Plantation of 6.5 Lack Saplings in Ahmedabad on 31st July and Make the Records in Guiness Book. In this project 3 lacs plants planted in city’s different areas. And in this events more than 1000 plants are planted in different 84 places. This events organized under “Swarnim Prakruti Mahotsav”. In City Every year plantation can be held but lack of care and people unawareness the program can not success and plants are searing up later monsoon. This time the plants can be grown & care by public and private partnership. I felt that If 60% Plants can grown Sucessfully from above plantation next monsoon we see the Gree Ahmedabad by Our greening ahmedabad Effords.

Where and How Much Plantation Can Held:
Gujarat University                                 50,000
Naroda, Odhav, Vatva GIDC               60,000  
ONGC Chandkheda                            10,000
Swaminarayan Gurukul, Charodi           10,000
Reliance Industries, Naroda                    6,500
Railway Track Side Plantation                10,000
School - College                                   20,000
By Municipal School board : Plantation In 221 Schools
CIIYI                                                   11,111
Sheth C.N.Vidhyala                                1,500
Gandhi Ashram                                       2,000
Torrent Power                                      10,000

Saptparni shady trees for decrease summer temperature in ahmedabad

Alstonia (Saptparni) or devil tree is genus of evergreen trees or shrubs with white funnel-shaped flowers and milky sap. This is a ideal shady, easy to grow and helping in control the noise pollution and decrease the carbon dioxide from the air. From last several years many landscaper and garden designer specially in Construction building gardens apartmental schmes they are planted there. It looks good and green and grow like a umbrella. If you don’t like a big trees which are falling the leaves every time in your compound then you can try this plant because this plant not falling the leaves and looks good in your garden you can also make you this plant for roadside plantation it gives royal looks with lots of shades. Saptparni is really elegant whether it is flowering or not.
saptparni tree

The slightly rounded, leathery, dark green leaves form whorls of 4-7. And a very regular branching gives the tree a beautiful shape. This plants have seven leaves in one leaf so it called saptparni tree. It is easily available in local ahmedabad nursery from Rs.15 to 60. according to size. You can find this plant in municipal AUDA gardens also and roadside it is recently planted at BRTS Side plantation. In India the bark of Alstonia scholaris is used solely for medicinal purposes, ranging from Malaria and epilepsy to skin conditions and asthma. The wood is too soft for making anything - so it is usually used in making packing boxes, blackboards etc. in Ayurveda it is used  as a bitter and as an astringent herb for treating skin disorders, malarial fever,  urticaria, chronic dysentery, diarrhea, in snake bite and for upper purification process of Panchakarma. Its bark, known as Dita Bark, is used in traditional medicine to treat dysentry and fever. On the Western Ghats, tribal people are reluctant to sit or pass under this tree, for the fear of the devil. The  Milky juice of the tree is applied to ulcers.