bonsai nursery plants exhitibition

Garden Nursery Exotic Flowers, Decorative plants and Bonsai plants Exhibition & Competition in Ahmedabad.

Garden Winter Exotic Flower Plants, Nursery Exhibition and Bonsai Plants Exhibition and Competition at Manekbaug Hall by Creative Decor. There are different types flowers like petunia, gerbera, sevanti (Chrysanthemums), Hybrid Marigold flower (Galgota flower), green foliage plants, areca palm, elephants ear, Gladiolus, adenium, money plant hanging basket, cocopeat, sphagnum moss, pothos, christmas tree, rose, croton, cycus, plants medicines, ficus, bouganvellia, rubber plants, garden tools, pots, planters, plant display stands, garden sticks, bird-bath, bird-feed, plant supports, wind chimes, floating, indoor outdoor plants for home and office. garden decoration, accessories, bird nest, fountains, home decoration plants, hanging basket plants, bonsai plants, pots, organic fertilizer and other garden related equipments on display and for sale. 

Exhibition Dates : 27th, 28th, 29th December 2013.
Venue : Manekbaug Hall, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad.