life science park in science city

Life Science Park in Science City Ahmedabad

Gujarat Ahmedabad Science City Developed a New Life Science Park at Science City. The aim of this park to motivate children and develop a sense of care and love towards planets and animals towards them.   

Bring Science and Nature to life:

Cretaceous Park :
The Giant Reptile Evolution of life.

Aviary & Non Flying Bird Corner :
Having exotic birds like love birds, budgerigars, cockatiels, geese & silver pheasants.

Butterfly Park :
Study on Life cycle of Butterfly

Cactus & Succulent corner :
Cactus represents the 'Desert Ecology' & Succulents are the 'Juicy plants'.  

Ornamental, Economical, Aromatic & Medicinal Plant Beads :
Different Varieties of plant species are located in these sections of life science park with botanical name of each plant with photographs, plant family and uses.

Tissue Culture Lab :
What is plant tissue culture?
Small lab of tissue culture have been setup here. for provide platform to student for educationa on tissue culture technique. 

River System :
Describing origin of rivers & formation of Delta & Water circulation

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