world environment day 2014 5 june

Today on 5th June, World Environment Day of 2014, says save nature and living with nature, preserve it and reserve for our future. save water and reuse where it possible, grow more trees and take care of already planted trees, spend your little time to saving nature, our together efforts keep the planet safe. so its our all responsibility to do little for our planet. and save our nature and environment. because man's basically depended on Environment and nature, his food, water, clean air and other requirement can be satisfied by nature. use organic fertilizer to grow food, vegetables, and fruit, use solar cooker, solar energy.

world environment day 2014

Happy Living, Green Living, Safe Environment!

વધુ વૃક્ષ વાવો અને વાવેલા વૃક્ષો નું જતન કરો !