Flower Show 2016 Ahmedabad

ONGC Flower Show 2015 in Ahmedabad at Sabarmati Riverfront

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and Gujarat State Agriculture Cooperation Department Joint Venutre Planned.

Flower Show 2016
Date: 2nd January 2015 to 8th January 2016
Timings: 10 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.
Entry: Free Entry
Parking: Free Parking
Sabarmati Riverfront
Between Sardar bridge and Ambedkar Bride,
Westard  and Behind NID, Paldi, Ahmedabad.

Flower Show Ahmedabad 2016 Organised in Approx. 65,000 Sq feet there are 750 Varieties of 3,00,000 Lakh different flower plants, decorative plants combination designs and sculptures are on display and there are about 20 nursery from all over india and city are take part in the show to display and sell different types of small to large fruit, flower, and ornamental decorative indoor and outdoor plants for citizens of ahmedabad. Live Demonstration of a Green House. Food stalls and Refreshments Stalls for Visitors, Live Drawing Competition. This flower show main aims to spread awareness about nature, environment and educate people with different types of garden fruit, flower, ornamental plants and other useful plants. there are stalls here for sell fertilizer, garden tools, plastic pots, coir products, seasonal vegetable and flower seed, bulbs, horticulture technology and horticulture department schemes information can be shared here.

Image Source: Sandesh News Paper. 02-01-2016.

Flower Show Ahmedabad 2016 Pictures / Photo Gallery :

flamingo flower bird statue
Flamingo Bird Flower Statue
poinsettia plant flower show
Poinsettia and Silver plant Middle Circle
flower show ahmedabad
Design with Flower and Garden Decorative Plants
Ahmedabad Flower Show Pictures
Flower Pot with Flowers
giraffe flower statue ahmedabad
Giraffe and Deer Flower Statue
rose plant in ahmedabad
Rose Flower
Pelican Bird - Flower show Ahmedabad
flower merry go round ahmedabad
Merry Go Round
cycus palm ahmedabad
Cycus Revoluta - Sago Palm Specimen Plant
Petunia in ahmedabad
Petunia Flower

Earth day 2015

Earth Day 2015

Earth Day 2015, Save Energy Save Nature, Save Our Future...

  • Use Solar Energy - Solar Cooker, Solar Lights
  • Save Electricity  - Use Natural Lights, Make Windows in Each Rooms, Use Natural Lights in Day Time. 
  • Go To Bed Early, Wake Up Early, Can Save Energy and Improves Health Too.
  • Always Carry a Cloth Bags/ Paper bags Along with Go for Shopping, Stop the Use of Plastic Polythene bags.
  • Save Our Earth, Grow More Trees and Save the Already Planted Trees, Grow One Tree on Your Every Birthday.
  • Grow more trees near your house, can cool the temperature of your surroundings can helps in Saving more Electric city.
  • Do not Pollute Jungles, Forest, Nature Picnic Places with Plastic and Other Waste it can harm the forest/jungles and its eco system and native birds and animals too.
  • Use Kitchen Waste for Making Compost Fertilizer at Home, which Can Helps Municipalities to Stop Takes your Kitchen Waste to Carry to Dumping Sites, which can decrease air pollution of their vehicles. all the citizens can do this can helps municipalties in waste managements. Grow Vegetables at home you can also grow vegetables on terrace and balcony. 
  • Our Together little efforts can make this things possible, let's make it possible.  

list of municipal nursery ahmedabad

List of Municipal Nursery in Ahmedabad

  • Lok Manya Tilak Garden Nursery, Nr.Ellisbridge
  • Chakudia Nursery, Shramik Kranti Garden, Nr.Chakudia Mahadev, Rakhial
  • Navdeep Nursery, Nr.D K Patel Hall, Naranpura
  • Kotarpur Nursery, Kotarpur Water Works
  • Dedki Nursery, Nr.Khokhra Bridge, Kankaria
  • Parimal Nursery, Parimal Garden, Ambawadi

International Forest Day 21 March

International Forest Day 21st March 2015

Let's Celebrate International Forest Day 21st March 2015. Save our Forest and Grow More Trees to Increase Forest and Preserve and Reserve them for Future and for Birds and Animals. Forests also helps to stop Global Worming and Temperature. Every Citizen can grow one tree in his every and life time and preserve them is appreciated.

world sparrow day 20 March 2015

World Sparrow Day - 20 March 2015 - Ahmedabad

Today, On a World Sparrow Day, Do Little Something for Innocent Sparrows, ang again you can hear the chirping sweet voice of sparrows at your house. Lets We Together Doing Many Things for Sparrows, by Giving them Food, Nest (Nest box House) to Water to increase the Population of Indian Sparrow in City Areas. due to lack of the things they are disappeared from city areas. but our effort can welcome again them in city areas. you can also make corrugated box sparrow nest and also buy mud hanging water feeder for bird.

Adopt a Nest Box for Sparrow: Buy Sparrow Nest box Online

Buy Bird Feeder Online: Buy Now

Save Sparrow,,,,Save Nature.!!!.  

summer garden flower plants india

Summer Garden Flower Plants in India

Grow Summer Season Flower Plants in India, to make your garden colourful and attraction and exotic. summer is a season to make your garden more attractive and good looking. because full sunlight can expose roots and helps in maintain plants growths. there are different varieties of flower plants available to make your garden attractive and keep your house cool too. who attracts butterfly and other garden birds too. below is a plant list which can well bloom in summer season. people living in apartments can also flower plants in balcony in small pots full sunlight can grow them well and more flowers. 

List of Summer Flower Plants for India:
  • Gaillardia
  • Marigold
  • Lotus
  • Roses
  • Hibiscus
  • Sunflowers
  • Lilies
  • Zinnia
  • Vinca Rosea (Barmasi)
  • Kalanchoe
  • Adenium (Desert Rose flower Plant - Less Water Requirement to Grow)
  • Canna Lily
  • Kochia (Decorative Plant)
  • Euphorbia Plant (thorns plant)
  • Mogra (Fragrance Flower Plant)
  • Ixora (Bunchy Flower - Red, Yellow, Orange, Light Yellow and Hybrid Varieties)
  • Balsum
  • Coleus
  • Celosia Cockscomb
  • Cosmos
  • Jatropha integerrima (Jatropha flower plant)

injured bird free helpline for uttarayan

Injured Bird Help Line Number for Uttarayan Festival

"Save Birds"  

Contact for Injured Bird Free Treatment "SAJAG"

This Campaign Only for 13th January 2015 to 16th January 2015.

Ellisbridge (Ahmedabad):

  • 8128257004
  • 8141565606
  • 7878171727

Your One Call can Save Innocent Bird Life.

Jivdaya Charitable Trust
Ahmedabad Panjrapole Campus,
Behind Kamdhenu Complex,
Opposite Polytechnic, Ambawadi
Ahmedabad - 380015

Free Treatment for Injured Birds
ઉત્તરાયણ 'પક્ષી બચાવો' અભિયાન
  • 94294 10101
  • 94294 10108
  • 98983 02525
  • 98984 02525
Helpline: 99244 18184
Timing: 9.30 to 6.00

flower show ahmedabad 2015 photos

Flower Show Ahmedabad 2015 Photos

ONGC Ahmedabad Flower Show Started in Ahmedabad City from 6th Jan to 12th Jan 2015, this flower show organized by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. there are different sculptures made from flowers are on display like peacock, fish, octopus, bullock cart with made from flowers like petunia, carnation, marigold, and other flowers. palm varieties are also there. A School Children Drawing Competition based on flower show theme can also be held and their beautiful paintings are on display, country's famous nurseries can be participated with unique plants and bonsai varieties. city famous nurseries can also be participated with different seasonal flowers and decorative plants. there are many stall who sale gardening tools, garden furniture, hanging basket, hanging planter, plastic containers, organic fertilizer, vegetable and flower seeds, pesticides, bird feeder, bird nest, garden fountains, etc. 

Date: 6th Jan to 12 Jan 2015
Sabarmati Riverfront, Between Sardar Bridge and Ambedkar Bridge, 
West Side Behind NID Campus, Ahmedabad 
Timing: 10.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Flower Show Ahmedabad 2015 Photos:

octopus flower sculpture
Octopus Flower Sculpture
rose flower varieties
Rose Flower Plant
flower show ahmedabad 2015
ONGC Ahmedabad Flower Show 2015
poinsettia plant circle garden
Yellow and Red Poinsettia Plant Circle
peacock flower sculpture
Peacock Flower Sculpture
narendra modi poster flower show ahmedabad

welcome to ahmedabad flower show
Welcome to Flower Show

Cosmos Petunia Fox tail Palm
Cosmos, Petunia, Fox tail Palm Circle
ficus bonsai plant
Ficus Bonsai Plant
ficus plant container
Ficus Plant
carnation flower sculpture
Carnation Flower Sculpture
dahlia flower ahmedabad
Dahlia Flower
flower show theme drawing competition
Flower Show theme Drawing Competition

ficus plant
Ficus Plant

flower show ahmedabad 2015

ONGC Flower Show Ahmedabad 2015

ONGC Ahmedabad Flower Show 2015 Exhibition.

Different Types of Exotic Colourful Flower Show in Ahmedabad, at Sabarmati Riverfront has been Started from today, at ahmedabad. around 65,000 square feet area can be acquired for this flower show on Sabarmati Riverfront. more than 750 varieties of seasonal flowers, garden plants, trees, vegetables, bonsai, cactus, palms varieties more than 3.5 lakh plants are for exhibition. there are different shapes (sculptures) are on display made from different flower and plants varieties tepi yori landscaping. More than 500 schools in the city of Flower Show themed drawing competition for children in the first 3 works per school performance. Live Demonstration of Green House. There are Variety of stalls Providing Information by Gujarat State Horticulture Department. Country and City based famous 18 Nurseries stalls for different plants and flowers are for display and for sale. different companies stalls which manufacture and sale Fertilizer, Seeds, Pesticide, Gardening tools. organic agriculture products sale centers by states progressive farmers. a food stall for visitors are also in the show.

Start Date : 06, January, 2015 (Tuesday) to 12 January, 2015 (Monday)
Timings : 10.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.
Sabarmati Riverfront, 
Between Sardar Bridge and Ambedkar Bridge,
West side Behind N.I.D. Campus, Paldi, Ahmedabad.

Click Here for Flower Show Ahmedabad Pictures