Kamla nehru zoo kankaria zoo ahmedabad

Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahalay ( Kamla Nehru Zoo ) is Ahmedabad City Zoo and One of the Best Tourist Attraction in Gujarat.

kamla nehru zoological garden

Kankaria Zoo Timing :
March to October : 9 a.m to 6.15 p.m
November to February : 9 a.m to 5.30 p.m

Address : 
Kamlanehru Zoological Garden, Kakaria, Ahmedabad
Phone : 079-25463415, 32984115 (office)

Ticket Rate Information : 3 to 12 yrs Rs.10/-, More than 12 yrs Rs.20/-, For Educational Visitors Rs.5/-, simple camera Rs.5/-, Movie Camera 25/50/100, zoo pamphlet Rs.5/-.

Only Every Monday Zoo will be closed for Visitors.
No Smoking Zone in Zoo Area.
Do not Carry Plastic Bags along with.  

Kankaria zoo have two beautiful tigers and they also made custom natural open cage for them. where tiger can feel the atmosphere of jungle and roaring and walking in natural open space. and visitors also can see the tiger in their natural mood.
water birds kankaria zoo
zoo's another attraction pelican aviary i have never found these birds like pelican in this type of aviary where they do not bother or living in their natural habitat feelings in the aviary.
Kankaria zoo birds aviary section is lovely, full with exotic birds. while starting the aviary you can hearing sweet voices of budgerigars, love birds, african grey, cockatiels here. you can find here "pahadi popat" a indian native ring neck parrots. who also a good speaker and copy human voice. you can see in the birds section diff. varities of birds like cockatiels, budgerigar, dove, ducks, parrots, sparrows, finches varieties, african love bird, macaw, cockatoo, lorries.
african love bird information
African lovebird info  
white deer ahmedabad zoo

water duck in zoo

water birds

pahadi popat

spotted deer

crocodile ahmedabad kankaria zoo

anaconda kankaria zoo
Anaconda Kankaria zoo

crocodile ahmedabad zoo

indian star tortoise information
Indian Star Tortoise (Geochelon eleguns)
kankaria lake photo

kankaria zoo elephant

nilgai kankaria zoo

lovebird aviary kankaria zoo

water cage bird

rose ringed parakeet sudo popat
Sudo popat - Rose Ringed Parakeet
indian monkey information

anaconda in kankaria zoo

ahmedabad zoo crocodile picture

pigeon kankaria zoo

kankaria lake ahmedabad
Kankaria lake

cockatiel information

cockatiel bird

emu bird

emu bird information

silver pheasant bird

lion cage kankaria zoo

white peacock ahmedabad

white peacock

nikobar pigeon kankaria zoo

pigeon cage setup

no teasing zoo animals

Zoo Visitor Information:
The wild life (Protection) Amendments Act, 1991 Section 38-J: Prohibition of teasing in a zoo.

No Teasing Zoo Animals means
  • Throwing things
  • Clapping
  • Shouting
  • Snapping fingers
  • Running
  • Waving things
  • Feeding
Disturbing animals any way.
Don't Tease or Feed the Zoo Animals.

fangavela mag - how to sprout mung at home

Fungavela Mag , How to Sprout Mung At Home 

Are you knowing well that fungavela mug is given in as a prasad on Jangannath Rath yatra Every year, and in kitchen people are knowing that fungavela mag is beneficial for body it can gives the energy and fibre and purify the blood. but so many women not knwing that how to successfully sprouting the mag. see this video and get the ideas on how to sprouted mung. 


nest boxes for sparrows in ahmedabad

Offer a Nest boxes for Sparrows in Ahmedabad

Buy Now Online Nest for Sparrows, Summer is the breeding time of sparrows in india. in the city areas modern style of apartments and flats and bungalows have not enough structure to give them a space to build their nest so we need to place artificial nest boxes made from natural materials available on internet online now. it is giving you a pleasure while sparrow coming to their nest and while you listen their chirping voice at your home.

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Preserve the Nature, Enjoy Living With Nature

Home Made Sparrow Nest Box Ideas

sparrow clay pot nest

sparrow breeding nest box india