Farmhouse concept and Greenery

Cycus Revoluta Plant
Farm House means what? You are thinking that a house made in the farm. Where some lawn area and some small plants are planted but this is not true and enough to develop a farm house like this. In the the farm house you can use all the land for plantation do not waste so much land for develop only lawn area like a golf club because it is your farm house but make the lawn area small and plant a big beneficial trees in your farmhouse like need tree, gulmohar tree,Chickoo,Amla plant,coconut palm tree, and you can also develop small green house and vermi compost there and develop ornamental flowers in it like orchid, hybrid rose, some indoor plants, you can make your own small nursery there and develop the plants from soft and semi hard plants cuttings, so it can save your money on purchasing the plants from nursery.  I have seen most of people are develop the farmhouse but they can not grow the plants that gives you so much clean air, humidity, Return on Investment like Fruit plants, Vegitable plants I suggest you to grow shady trees, you can also grow trees on the line of the land periphery area like saag wood tree, medicinal plants, make your farm lush green. Where you can see only green leafs you can saw there, and you can feel the difference from this types of farmhouse and it is your Sunday best activity to pass time in your farm and it can makes you a good gardener also.