how to grow money plant care

marble money plant pothos
Money plant is easy to grow plant, its botanical name is “pothos” you have grown in small places and every where only the condition is not too much direct sunlight not coming on it, it requires good water and loamy soil, and natural fertilizer to keep its leafs dark green in colour, and well yellow stripes on it, there are two common varieties available in local nurseries one is green leaf money plant, and second one is money plant marble, marble pothos, this plant is good grown when you add the moss stick in the container center and tide the money plant around the sticks, this is also a good hanging plant, you can also grow this plant in waste plastic container, (doll) whose handle is broken, you can grown this plant well. you can also grow money plant in empty waste plastic water bottles. only need to change water twice in a week and keep the water level maintained.

while you grown money plant near the another tree and tide with tree clump its leafs takes the extra
grow money plant water
food from the tree and its leafs are bigger than ordinary container money plant. But take care of one thing do not over logged the container it can wither the plant. Money plant can be propagated by cuttings. At least dip the three root portion in the soil while growing in container.for fertilizer any natural organic fertilizers are well for money plant, in india basically cow dung, "chaniyu khatar", vermicompost, kitchen waste compost, Bio-fertilizers are very good. give the little fertilizer every month, but do not give fertilizer to plant in winter season. monsoon is the best season to multiply this plant and increase the number of container at your home without spending a single penny, from your pocket. and increase the greenery at your home and farmhouse and in the office too. cut and dig in the soil and get new money plant.

money plant in water bottle
Money Plant in Water
Quick Tips :
  • Watering Money Plant When the Top Layer of soil is dry.
  • Place in a bright area where filtered lights is coming.
  • Trim the longest branches twice a year to retain the full, bushy look.

ixora flower for garden

Ixora Flower Plant : Monsoon flower of the Month.

red ixora flower
Have you seen Ixora Flower plant before, let introduce the ixora flower plant to you. How to grow, care, and all about it, know here, ixora is the flowering plant having good big bunch flowers are coming in colours like red, pink, white, orange, light orange, and dwarf variety having same orange, white, pink (chinese ixora). ixora flowers are used in hindu devotion,(pooja). 

This plant is blooming in monsoon best, it has also a flower whole year but it is less in winter season in summer and monsoon its beauty on the top, in india and other countries this planted for landscaping and it has medicinal use also. 

yellow ixora flowerit requires good loamy soil, with fertilizer needed, and full sunlight, this plant is can be found in public and private garden of the ahmedabad city, and maximum red flower plant is successfully having good quality of flower and numbers of flower on the plant. this plant is in the every garden designer new garden plants list. its propagation is possible by semi hardwood cutting and air layering, in india. if you would like to propagate by yourself in the monsoon season with the help of sphagnum moss, or mud soil, its leaf is also dark green so look wise plant is good, and you can maintain its shape also.
pink ixora flower
For people who are living in the highrise building and terrance gardener hobbyist, can develop this plant in little bigger size container for long time. it has prize start from Rs. 40 to 250 depends on the plant available in plastic bag offer by nursery and developed and its quality also depends. ixora dwarf varieties specially for growing in the container available in ahmedabad nurseries.

orange ixora flower

slogans for save tree

There are few slogan for grow more tree and save trees Give message to world.

- Save Trees, Save Future
slogan on grow more trees
- Save Tree, Save Life

- Grow More Tree and Save Already planted

- Grow Trees, Grow Wealth

- One Tree, Each Birthday

- Grow Trees, Grow Jungle in the City

- Grow more trees, Welcome Forest to City

- Grow Trees for Better Future

- Grow trees, Grow Oxygens

- Save Trees, Save Environment

- Save trees, Save Life

- Grow Plants, Grow Nature

- More trees, More Rain

- Grow More Trees, Grow More Forest

- Fruit, Flower & Vegetables Source of Trees

- Grow Birds & Animals By Growing More Trees

- Grow Trees, Grow Life

- Save Trees, Save Earth

Lets Make the Commitment Grow one Tree (and Nurture) on Each Birthday then in whole life of men he left the part of jungle on the earth, its not difficult with you co-operation. save already planted trees on the earth and grow, and nurture more. Because Human Sleeping Between the Wooden Swing after his birth and Sleeping on Woods in Crematorium at the End of his life trees with him with no any intense. 

swaminarayan rath yatra gurukul

Shree Swaminarayan Rath Yatra by Gurukul Swaminarayan Temple in Ahmedabad has been organised this year 2013, in this rath yatra various tablo, bhajan mandali, and horses, trucks and devotees in big numbers are found in the rathyatra. they have give the message on their help and rescue activity doing by temple in uttarakhand. and save trees and grow more trees slogan message to keep the city green and clean. Tulsi plant has been distributed in this rath yatra. they can also pick the waste on the route of rath yatra produce by them like Empty water pouch, snack pouch Etc. and give the message to keep the city clean too. here some the rath yatra pictures Gallery to view.

Swaminarayan Rath Yatra Rath
grow tree save tree
Grow Trees, and Save Trees Message

uttarakhand help tablo
Help Uttarakhand Table in Rath Yatra
swaminarayan horse rath yatra
Swaminarayan Gurukul Horse in Rath Yatra
marwari horse ahmedabad rath yatra
Horse in Rath Yatra
uttarakhand help swaminarayan gurukul
Help Uttarakhand Message Tablo

uttarakhand help swaminarayan temple

Jay Jagannath