ixora flower for garden

Ixora Flower Plant : Monsoon flower of the Month.

red ixora flower
Have you seen Ixora Flower plant before, let introduce the ixora flower plant to you. How to grow, care, and all about it, know here, ixora is the flowering plant having good big bunch flowers are coming in colours like red, pink, white, orange, light orange, and dwarf variety having same orange, white, pink (chinese ixora). ixora flowers are used in hindu devotion,(pooja). 

This plant is blooming in monsoon best, it has also a flower whole year but it is less in winter season in summer and monsoon its beauty on the top, in india and other countries this planted for landscaping and it has medicinal use also. 

yellow ixora flowerit requires good loamy soil, with fertilizer needed, and full sunlight, this plant is can be found in public and private garden of the ahmedabad city, and maximum red flower plant is successfully having good quality of flower and numbers of flower on the plant. this plant is in the every garden designer new garden plants list. its propagation is possible by semi hardwood cutting and air layering, in india. if you would like to propagate by yourself in the monsoon season with the help of sphagnum moss, or mud soil, its leaf is also dark green so look wise plant is good, and you can maintain its shape also.
pink ixora flower
For people who are living in the highrise building and terrance gardener hobbyist, can develop this plant in little bigger size container for long time. it has prize start from Rs. 40 to 250 depends on the plant available in plastic bag offer by nursery and developed and its quality also depends. ixora dwarf varieties specially for growing in the container available in ahmedabad nurseries.

orange ixora flower