Garden horticulture exhibition 2012 ahmedabad

As usual of all years this month of February Horticulture Exhibition held at Horticulture Association Nursery at Law Garden, Different Prize wins Bonsai's puts there on Displays and Varieties of Different Flowers, Fruits, Vegitables in variety of colors and shapes on display for visitors. there are several Nursery Owners and Garden tools suppliers, fertilizers manufacturer, garden related products stalls for buying garden accessories, seeds, plants, hanging baskets, bonsai, rose plants, fruits plants in good quality and seasonal flowers at very low prize for sale in this exhibition. you are not believe that "desi rose plant" for sale only with Rs. 10/- , vinca rosea - barmasi plant with different exotic colors with Rs.10/-. and bonsai ready made plants avaiable. here are the few pics which i have captured from my digital camera for you.

ficus panda bonsai
Ficus Panda Bonsai - very easy to grow
Ficus plant bonsai
Adenium Bonsai
ficus panda bonsai plant
Ficus Panda Bonsai
adenium bonsai
Adenium Bonsai  - Easy to care - poisonous plant

Jiniperus - forest bonsai

Sparrow, on bonsai tree branch plant. looking awesome...!!!
Ready with Combination of rose merry, snow bush, alovera, rocks, turtle toy.

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