pots on ashram road and plantation at riverfront

1500 Bougainvillea Pots on Ashram Road and 2000 Trees Plantation on Riverfront:

Central Government Celebrate first time World Tourist Indian Day in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, for the event Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation going to put the 1500 bougainvillea plant pots in between divider space, and 2000 trees are planted on sabarmati riverfront. it can helps to make ahmedabad roads more colourful and increase the greenery in the ahmedabad city.

kankaria carnival saturday schedule

Kankaria Carnival Saturday (27-12-2014) Schedule:


  • Orchestra Musical Party
  • Private School Children Program
  • Gujarat Dances
  • Gujarati Hindi Song Program
  • Laser Show and Fireworks

Stage: 2

  • Magic Show
  • India Worship Program by Orissa Group
  • Vagad Kala Vrund Program
  • Laughter Court
  • Night Laser Show Fireworks


  • Tablavadana, Musical Party
  • India Worship, Bengal Group
  • India Worship, Karnataka Group
  • Folk Music Our Heritage
  • Laser show, Fireworks

grow bougainvillea from cuttings

How to Grow Bougainvillea from Cuttings

bougainvillea bonsai ahmedabadIt is easy to propogate bougainvillea flower plant from cuttings, there are many colours are available in this creeper plant. take the pencil thickness size cuttings, sharp cut from top and bottom cross, then take the container filled with good soil, fertilizer well mixed in it. whole from the pencil or round wood stick and put the cuttings in the container give the watering and cover the whole container from plastic bag, to keep the inner temperature low and plant cuttings need humidity to grow. check the soil of container regularly thrice a day and when needed give the water, it shoots and creates new plants. you can also use the air layering technique to grow bougainvillea creeper. this plant is also used in making bonsai because this plant gives colorful flowers and not need too much care to maintain this plant.

easy ways to grow tomatoes from seeds

Easy Ways to Grow Tomatoes from Fresh Seeds at Home in Container

You can grow tomato vegetable at your home in container, and save money on buying tomatoes, and grow organic tomato at home. here are the video on how to grow easily tomato plant from seeds. same way you can grow tomato plant from dry seeds. only little patience required, with container, soil and organic vermi compost fertilizer or old cow dung.

world environment day 2014 5 june

Today on 5th June, World Environment Day of 2014, says save nature and living with nature, preserve it and reserve for our future. save water and reuse where it possible, grow more trees and take care of already planted trees, spend your little time to saving nature, our together efforts keep the planet safe. so its our all responsibility to do little for our planet. and save our nature and environment. because man's basically depended on Environment and nature, his food, water, clean air and other requirement can be satisfied by nature. use organic fertilizer to grow food, vegetables, and fruit, use solar cooker, solar energy.

world environment day 2014

Happy Living, Green Living, Safe Environment!

વધુ વૃક્ષ વાવો અને વાવેલા વૃક્ષો નું જતન કરો !

rain water harvesting for home

Roof Rain Water Harvesting System for Home in Ahmedabad, Save Water Save Future.

Proper setup of natural filter can make rain water clean, this water are used in home day to day use for a long time. Store Water, Store Safe future and nature.  

bicycle sharing helps fight pollution

Bicycle Sharing Service Starts in Ahmedabad, Which Can Helps in Fight With Pollution in City!

“Transport is slightly different from other challenges of a developing society such as health or education. Health, Education improve as a society gets richer, but transport…transport gets worse as a society gets richer!”

We've been widening our roads, constructing more and more flyovers and building bigger and bigger parking lots thinking that at one point it would suffice…but that is clearly not working isn’t it?.

The problem is, the more space we give to cars, the more cars appear on the road and the more space they take. If you think traffic is a problem limited only to developing countries..look at U.S., Japan or for that matter even China!

Ever wondered why man has still not been able to solve this problem? Cause, forget petrol, parking is an even more scarce commodity. And if we still haven’t realised, we have arrived at a saturation point where there is no more parking available even if we are willing to shell money for it.

So then is there a way out?
YES! Sooner than later, we the people, will have to adopt public transport (BRTS, AMTS) as part of our daily commute. Agreed, public transport has a limitation, that of giving first and last mile connectivity (Origin -> Transit Point -> Transit Point -> Destination), but not anymore.

AMDAVADIS, its time to ride MYBYK! India’s first Bicycle Sharing Service

How Bike Share works?

How can one become member of MYBYK?

How much does it cost?

list of fruit plants for house and farms

chinese orange fruit plant
Fruit Plants
List of Fruit plants to grow in House or Farms Garden, take care of plants by heart, and they gives good fruits after they matured. this fruit plants Varieties are available in Gujarat all city big nursery. 
  • Coconut green dwarf - લોટણ - ગ્રીન ડ્રાફ નારિયેળ  
  • Coconut Hybrid - બોના હાઇબ્રીડ નારિયેળ
  • Coconut Orange Dwarf - નારિયેળ ઓરેન્જ ગોલ્ડન દ્વાર્ફ  
  • Coconut Tall - નારિયેળ દેશી - ઈસ્ટ કોસ્ટ   
  • Coconut Yellow Dwarf - નારિયેળ યલો દ્વાર્ફ  
  • Date Palm (khajur) - ખારેક 
  • Fig (ficus carica) - અંજીર 
  • Guava Allahabad Seedling - જામફળ રોપા  
  • Guava Allahbad Grafted - જામફળ અલ્લાહાબાદ સફેદ 
  • Guava L-49 - જામફળ કલમ એલ - 49
  • Guava Red - લાલ જામફળ 
  • Grape Fruit - ગ્રેપ ફ્રુટ 
  • Grape Seedless - ગ્રીન સીડલેસ દ્રાક્ષ  
  • Grape Selection - 7 - કાળી દ્રાક્ષ
  • Italian Lemon - ઈટાલીયન લીંબુ લાંબા   
  • Amla Budded Guj-1 - આમળા આણંદ - 2  
  • Amla Budded NA-7 - આમળા એન. એ, - 7
  • Apple Assorted Varieties - સફરજન 
  • Avacado Pear (butter fruit) - બટર ફ્રુટ 
  • Badam (terminallea cattappa) - સાદી બદામ 
  • Banana Cavendish Robusta - કેળા 
  • Ber Grafted - ગોલા બોર 
  • Bread Fruit - બ્રેડ ફ્રુટ 
  • Cashew Nut Grafted - કાજુ કલમ 
  • Cashew Nut Seedling - કાજુ રોપ 
  • Chinese Guava - ચાઈનીઝ જામફળ   
  • Chinese Orange - ચાઈનીઝ નારંગી  
  • Jack Fruit Grafted - ફણસ કલમ
  • Jack Fruit Seedling - ફણસ રોપા 
  • Jamoon (black) - પારસ જાંબુ 
  • Jamoon Grafted - જાંબુ કલમ 
  • Jamoon (White) - સફેદ જાંબુ 
  • Jamoon Seed Less -  જાંબુ સીડલેશ 
  • Jamoon Pink - ગુલાબી જાંબુ 
  • Kamarakh Grafted (sweet) - કમરખ કલમ મીઠી - Averrhoa carambola
  • Karonda - નવરંગી કરમદા 
  • Lime Budded - લીંબુ કલમ કાગદી 
  • Limed Seedling - લીંબુ રોપા કાગદી  
  • Litchi Grafted - લીચી કલમ 
  • Mango Grafted Amarpali - આમ્રપાલી આંબા કલમ 
  • Mango Grafted Badami & Alfanso - આંબા કલમ બદામ અને હાફૂસ 
  • Mango Grafted Rajapuri & Langda - આંબા કલમ રાજા પૂરી અને લંગડો  
  • Mango Grafted Totapuri - આંબા કલમ તોતાપુરી  
  • Mango Dashri & Chausa - આંબા દશેરી - ચૌસા  
  • Mango Grafted Baramasi - બારમાસી રોયલ સ્પે (કલ્મી)  
  • Mango Grafted Mallikaarjuna - આંબા કલમ મલ્લિકાર્જુન    
  • Mango Grafted Keshar - આંબા કલમ કેસર 
  • Mangosteen - મેંગોસ્ટીન 
  • Mulberry - શેતૂર  
  • Mulberry White Varieties and Black Varieties - શેતૂર સફેદ અને કાળા 
  • Mosambi Budded - મોસંબી પાવલી છાપ 
  • Orange Budded - નાગપુરી સંતરા 
  • Ramphal - રામફળ 
  • Pappaya Taiwan - પપૈયા તાઇવાન લાલ 
  • Pappaya Honey Dew - પપૈયા મધુબીન્દુ 
  • Pineapple - અનાનસ 
  • Pomegranate Sinduri - સિંદુરી દાડમ 
  • Pumello Budded - પપનસ 
  • Rose Apple - ગુલાબજાંબુ 
  • Sapota Grafted Cricket Ball (ball shape chiku) - કલકતી ચીકુ કલમ 
  • Sapota Grafted Kali Patti (egg shape chiku) - કાળી પત્તી ચીકુ 
  • Sarbati Lemon - સરબતી લીંબુ 
  • Sitaphal Grafted - સીતાફળ કલમ 
  • Sitaphal Seedling - સીતાફળ રોપ  
  • Sopari Sevardhan - સોપારી
  • Strawberry (fragria vesca) - સ્ટ્રોબેરી
List of Medicinal Plants here.
List of Ornamental Flowering trees.

flowering decorative ornamental trees

Flowering Decorative Ornamental Trees List to Grow in Garden, Road side Avenue Plantation or Elsewhere you would like to plant.
indian parrot on borsali tree

ઘટાદાર છાયા વાળા વૃક્ષો વાવો, જે ફળ, ફૂલ તેમજ છાયા ના રૂપમાં મનુષ્ય અને પશુ, પંખી ને આસરો આપે.....!!!      
  • Acacia Ariculiformis - ઓસ્ટ્રેલિયન બાવળ 
  • Adendnanthera Pavonina - દેશી કદમ 
  • Alstonia Scholaris - સપ્તપરણી  
  • Neolamarckia cadamba - મોટા ફૂલ કદમ
  • Azardiarachta India - Kadva Limda -
  • Bauhinia blakeana - બોહેમીયા બ્લેકાઈ 
  • Bauhinia Purpurea - બોહેમીયા કચનાર  
  • Bahunia Tomentosa - બોહેમીયા પીળા  
  • Bauhinia Variegata - બોહેમીયા ફૂલ વેરીગેટેડ 
  • Belaegle Marmelos - બીલીપત્ર 
  • Bignonia Megapotomika - બીગનોનીયા મેગાપોટોમીકા 
  • Bombax Ceiba (red silk cotton) - લાલ સીમડો 
  • Brassia Actinophylla - અમ્બ્રેલા ટ્રી 
  • Brownea Varieties- બ્રાઉનીયા 
  • Butea Monosperma (Flame of the forest) - કેસુડો, ખાખરા 
  • Callistemon Varities (bottle brush) - બોટલ બ્રશ 
  • Calophyllum In Phyllum (sultan champa) સુલતાન ચંપા 
  • Cassia Pink and Red - કેસીયા પિંક એન્ડ રેડ 
  • Cassia Fistula - ગરમાળો - અમલતાસ 
  • Cassia Siamea - કાસીદ 
  • Cassia Spectabillis - કેસીયા સ્પેકટાબીલીસ 
  • Casuarina Equise Tifilia - દેશી શરૂ 
  • Chorisia Speciosa - ચોરી ઓસોસ્પીસીઓસ 
  • Cordia sebestina - કોર્ડિયા 
  • Colvillia Racemosa - કોલ 
  • Couroupita Guianensis (canon balltree) - કૈલાસપતિ  
  • Dalbergia Sisoo - સીસમ 
  • Delonix Regia (gulmohare) - ગુલમહોર / ગુંલમોર 
  • Dellenia Indica - ચલથા ફળ 
  • Erythrina Varities - પંગારા 
  • Eucalyptus Globulus - નીલગરી  
  • Ficus Bengalensis - વડ 
  • Ficus Bengalensis (krishnae) - કૃષ્ણવડ 
  • Ficus Benjamina Religiosa - ફાઈકસ બેન્જામીના   
  • Ficus Black Prince - બ્લેક ફાઈકસ  
  • Ficus Decora - રબર પ્લાન્ટ 
  • Ficus Ilastica (rubber verigated) - રબર વેરીગેટેડ 
  • Ficus Nitida - ફાઈકસ નીટીડા  
  • Filicium (fern tree) - ફન ટ્રી 
  • Gliricidia - ગ્લેરીસીડીયા  
  • Grevillea Robusta (silver oak) - સીલ્વર ઓક 
  • Jacaranda Mimisifolia - જેકેરેન્ડા ભૂરા ગુલમોર 
  • Kigellia Pinnata - કેજીલીયા પીનાટા 
  • Lagerstromia Flosregina (pride of india) - પ્રાઈડ ઓફ ઇન્ડિયા ભૂરા   
  • Lagerstroemia indica - ગુલમેંદી   
  • Lagerstroemia Thorell - લેજસ્ટ્રોમીયા થરોલી  
  • Mesua Ferrea - નાગ કેસર 
  • Michelia Champa Seedling - સોન ચંપા - પીળો ચંપો  
  • Michelia Champa Grafted - સોન ચંપા કલમ 
  • Millingtonia Hortensis - બુચ સફેદ 
  • Miletia Ovelifolia - મેલાસીયા 
  • Mimisops Elengi - બોરસલ્લી 
  • Peltophorum - પીલ્તોફાર્મ - પીળા ગુલમહોર 
  • Pershian Lilac (bakkam neem) - બકમ લીમડા 
  • Plumeria Assorted Varities - ચંપા 
  • Podocarpus - પોડોકારપસ 
  • Polyalthia Serpentaina - મીનીએચર આસોપાલવ  
  • Polyalthia Longifolia - દેશી આસોપાલવ
  • Polyalthia Pendula (Pendula Asopalav) પેન્ડુલા આસોપાલવ
  • Putranjiva Roxburgii (પુત્રનજીવા)
  • Ravenala Madagas Cariensis (Travellers Palm) (ટ્રાવેલર્સ પામ)
  • Samanea Saman (rain tree) (રેઇન ટ્રી) 
  • Santalum Album (white sandle wood) (ચંદન સુખડ) 
  • Sarika Indica - સીતા અશોક 
  • Singapuri Cherry - ચેરી ઝાડ 
  • Soap nut tree (અરીઠા)
  • Spathodea Campanulata - સ્પેથોડીયા (ટુલીપ ટ્રી)  
  • Sterculia Alata - સ્ટકુર્લીયા અલાટા
  • Sterculia Diversifolia - પગલા ટ્રી અલાટા 
  • Swietenia Mahogini - મહોગની 
  • Tabebuia Argentea - ટબુબીયા આર્જેન્ટીના  
  • Tabebuia Avellanedae - ટબુબીયા જામલી આવલેન્ડ   
  • Tabebuia Crysantha - ટબુબીયા ક્રીસ્નથા  
  • Tabebuia Yellow - ટબુબીયા પીળા 
  • Tabebuia Gycum - ટબુબીયા પરપલ 
  • Tabebuia Rosea (pentaphylla) - ટબુબીયા રોઝીયા  
  • Tabebuia Spectabillia - ટબુબીયા પીળા 
  • Tamarindus Indica - આંબલી ખાટી 
  • Tectona Grandis - સાગ 
  • Terminalia Arjuna - અરજુન - સાદડ  
  • Terminalia Cattappa (badam) - બદામ  
  • Thespesia Populnea (talip tree) - પારસ પીપળો  
  • Thevetia Pruviana (white, pink, yellow) કરણ 
  • Thuja Compecta - મયુરપંખી 
  • Murraya Koengi - મીઠો લીમડો
  • Bauhinia Tomentosa - બોહીમિયાપીળા 
  • Beloperone Guttata yellow and Red - બેલોપુરાના 
  • Brunfelsia Americana - બૃનફેલસીયા ટુ ડે ટુમોરો    
  • Buddleia Varieties - બુડેલીયા 
  • Calliandra Dwarf Red & Pink - કેલીએન્દ્દ્રા હાઈબ્રીડ  
  • Calliandra White & Red - કેલીએન્દ્દ્રા સફેદ અને લાલ   
  • Callistemon Shrub Varieties - બોટલ બ્રાશ  
  • Canna Assorted Varieties - કેના વેરાયટીઝ 
  • Cassia Alata - કેસીયા અલાટા 
  • Cassia Biflora - કેસીયા બાય ફ્લોરા 
  • Cassia Levigata - કેસીયા પીળા 
  • Casuarina Equisetifolia - દેશી શરૂ 
  • Ceaselphinea Pulcherima (orange & yellow) - ગુલતોરા  
  • Cestrum Nocturnum - રાતરાણી 
  • Champaka Grafted White - ઝવેરી ચંપો વાઈટ 
  • Cuphea Dwarf Varieties - ચાઇનીઝ કુફીયા 
  • Dadlicanths Nervosus (blue) - ડેડલીકેન્થ્સ ભૂરા 
  • Dombeya pink and white - ડોમ્બીયા
  • Duranta Goldiana - ગોલ્ડન ડુરન્ટા
  • Duranta Variegated Speciosa - ડુરન્ટા વેરીગેટેડ 
  • Duranta Golden Speciosa
  • Duranta Golden Speciosa - ડુરન્ટા સનસાઈન 
  • Duranta Plumeri Variegated - ડુરન્ટા વેરીગેટેડ નાના      
  • Eranthemum Assorted - ઇરેન્થીમમ વેરાઈટીસ   
List of Fruit plants here for home and farms.

list of medicinal plants

List of Medicinal Plants, to Grown in Home Garden :
  • Ocimum Bsilicum (babul tulsi) Tulsi Plant - તુલસી 
  • Commsiphoia Murrha - કાળા મરી 
  • Cynamonum Zeylanicula - અરડુસી નો છોડ
  • Mint - ફુદીનો 
  • Aloe Indica - કુંવરપાઠું - એલોવેરા  
  • Asparagus Racemosa - સતાવરી 
  • Mimosa Pudica (lajwnti) - લજામણી
  • Wedelia Calendulacea (bhrami) - બ્રાહ્મી
  • Ocimum Basilicum (rakta chita) - લાલ ચીત્રક   
  • Myristica Fragans - જાયફળ
  • Withania Somanifera - અશ્વગંધા
  • Vinca Rosea - બારમાસી 
Happy Gardening, Medicinal plants are useful in many day to day disease needs, for using this indian home medicinal plants get good medicine for the diseases.

View list of Fruit plants here.

diy small simple greenhouse for home

Diy Small Simple Greenhouse for your Home Garden, you can also make it on your terrace too, Grow Vegetable in Greenhouse to get good results for growing plants, watch this video to fulfill your dream of growing vegetables in greenhouse at low cost, some plastic pipes, or metal wires, or even make it by wooden stumps. you can also make some structure types, oval or square whatever you like. place the pots in it or make a bed under that. in summer where full sunlight kill the plant this types or arrangements make the temperature in control and saves the beautiful plants and helps them to grow well.

Mini Green house to Save Plants, Grow Good Plants, Vegetables in Garden

grow vegetables at home in ahmedabad

kitchen gardening ahmedabad Grow Vegetables at home and make kitchen garden in ahmedabad at Apartment, bunglows compounds/ backyard/ balcony/ farm or in a terrace garden pots, plastic bags, hanging basket, or in a waste plastic containers make drainage hole, add vermi compost fertilizer or cow dung add river soil and farm soil mix it all well and grow your choice kitchen garden vegetables seeds, Read the Below Season wise Vegetable plants growing information in ahmedabad. in summer vacation time you can also teach your children to how to grow vegetables at home, and give them knowledge of nurture plants and how to live close to nature.  

        Kitchen Vegetable Gardening Seeds

Summer to Rainy Season :
  • કારેલા karela (Momordica charantia)
  • કાકડી (વેલો) Kakdi / Kakri Creeper
  • ટીડોડા (વેલો) (Coccinia grandis) Creeper
  • દૂધી (વેલો) (Bottle gourd) Creeper
  • કોળા (વેલો) (Pumpkin) Creeper
  • ગલકા (વેલો) (Silk Squash) Creeper
  • ગવાર (Cluster Beans) 
  • ભીંડા (Ladyfinger)
  • ચોળી (Cowpea Seeds)
  • પાલક (Spinach)
Winter (September to December)
  • વાલોર (val papdi/ English: broad beans)
  • વટાણા (Green peas)
  • Papdi (Broad beans)
  • બીટ  beatroot
  • ગાજર (Carrot)
  • મૂળા સફેદ (White Radish)
  • મૂળા લાલ (Red Radish)
  • ધાણા (કોથમીર)
  • મેથી (Fenugreek)
  • ડુંગળી (Onion)
  • પપૈયા (Papaya)
  • કોબીજ (Cabbage)
  • ફ્લાવર (Cauli flower)
  • બ્રોકોલી (Brocolli)
  • સેલેરી (Celery)                       
Happy Kitchen Gardening !!!

homoeopathic pharmacy ahmedabad

Healwell Plus Homoeopathic Pharmacy
Shop No. 3, Shanti Towers,
Near Manekbaug Hall,
Nehrunagar, Ambawadi,
Ahmedabad - 380015, Gujarat, India.
Phone: 079-26610048
Opening Hourse Mon to Sat (11.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.)

  • Homoeopathic Medicine
  • Mother tincture
  • Bio-chemic tissue salts
  • Bio-combination tablets
  • Hair oil
  • Cream & Ointments
  • Homoeopathic Dilution
  • Liquid Oral (Syrups & tonics)
  • Speciality pills & tablets
  • Homoeopathic Kits (Home kit, Travel kit, Injury Kit, School kit, Veterinary kit)
  • Homoeopathic Veterinary Medicines for Dairy & Farm Animals and Pets animals & Exotic birds & poultry.
  • Homoeopathic Pharmacy
  • Homoeopathic Clinic/ Free consultation
  • Online Homoeopathic Medicine Store India

Product Delivery: Product can be delivered All over India.

Homoeopathic Medicines are Safe, Cost Effective and Free From Side Effects.
Think Green, Live Green. 

solid waste campaign by amc

Solid Waste Management Campaign 

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation's new approach 
Compound Municipal Central Workshop, opp cooperative Lumber Market, 
Phone: 079-32982385
Fax: 079-25321484
Email: swm@egovamc.com

To Help in the Campaign to Keep the City Clean:
  • Along the way do not throw garbage anywhere.
  • Kept in House Waste Collection. waste cleanup workers coming to take.
  • Do not throw Garbage anywhere street, open plot or anywhere.
  • Put the Waste into Garbage Cans and Waste Container placed by Municipal Corporation.
  • While go for Shopping, Always Carry a Cloth bags along with you.
  • Prohibits the use of thin plastic bags from 40 microns, so do not use.
  • Give collected house newspaper, paper, plastic etc to waster paper collector.
  • Inform Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Regarding any Question or Complaint Regarding Waste then as a Concerned citizens responsibility please Contact to AMC. 
Where to Inform or Complaint?

The Main office Number:
Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
Main Office, Sardar Patel Bhavan,
Danapith, Ahmedabad
18002332330 (BSNL Toll free)
Fax: 079-25350926

Zone wise Telephone Numbers:

East Zone (પૂર્વ ઝોન)
Phone: 32981336 (9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.)
According to Method of Door/Gate to Dump Waste Collection
Dr. Divyangbhai Oza: Mobile: 9327038848

West Zone (પશ્ચિમ ઝોન)
Phone: 27551292 (9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.) ; after 7.00 p.m. 27550910
According to Method of Door/Gate to Dump Waste Collection
Phone: 9099074433 (8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.)
Office: Dr. Bhavinbhai Solanki -Mobile: 9327038841
Email: bhavinsolanki@egovamc.com

New West Zone (નવા પશ્ચિમ ઝોન)
Phone: 26858176, 32984142 (9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.)
According to Method of Door/Gate to Dump Waste Collection:
Phone: 9099074440 (8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.)
Officer: Dr. Milan Nayak Mobile: 9327038837
Email: milannayak@egovamc.com

South Zone (દક્ષિણ ઝોન)
25465344 (10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.)
According to Method of Door/Gate to Dump Waste Collection:
7600030203 (8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.)
office: Dr. Tejas Shah: Mobile: 9327555231
Email: tashah@egovamc.com

Central Zone (મધ્ય ઝોન)
Phone: 32981207 (9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.)
According to Method of Door/Gate to Dump Waste Collection:
Phone: 65451114 (8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.)
Officer: Dr. Bhavinbhai Joshi Mobile: 9327545802
Email: bhavinjoshi@egovamc.com

North Zone (ઉત્તર ઝોન)
22842926 (9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.)
According to Method of Door/Gate to Dump Waste Collection.
65451115 (8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.)
Officer: Dr. Chiragbhai Shah Mobile: 9327038803
Email; chirag_shah@egovamc.com

Source: AMC Literature.
Keep the City Clean and Green,

વધુ વૃક્ષ વાવો , અને વાવેલા વૃક્ષો નું જતન કરો. 

bird feeder at home backyard balcony

sparrow bird feeder india
Bird Feeder
Place Bird Feeder at Your Home backyard, compound or balcony hanging it there. to Attract Indian Sparrow, Finch, Parrots, Doves, Pigeons, Bulbul, Robin, Indian Myna (kabar bird) and other birds. you can buy online bird feeders in india through below links, place order and get bird feeders. Save the nature.

Buy Bird feeder Online in India:

finch bird feeder india

silve bill finch feeder ahmedabad

Buy Bird Feeder Online

Happy Bird Feeding....!!!

Seeds for Birds Feeding in Ahmedabad :
  • Bajra (pearl millet)
  • Juvar - Juar (jowar) Sorghum
  • Wheat (Ghau)
  • Corn
  • Kanki (broken rice)
  • Moong (Mug)
  • Sesame seed (ocassionally)
  • Ground nut seed (sing)
  • Kang (Foxtail millet) Kangni (Hindi)
you can also offers small chopped vegetable and fruits like cabbage, carrot, cucumber, french beans (fansi), fresh corn, Fruits like apple, guava (jamfal).

search name in voter list online

Search Name in Voter List Online to Confirm you Name, Address, Voter Id Number etc.


Save Petrol ! Save Environment.

grow coleus plant from cuttings

How to Grow Coleus Plant From Cuttings? or Self at home from a Old one Mother Plant? Did you know that coleus plant (Tilak Tulsi in Gujarati) is easily grow from cuttings. Lets see the Video and Know how to grow coleus at home, without spending more money on buying new plants. and care while propogate coleus cuttings. and for your information this plant can also be grown in Water from cuttings, or you can direct saw cutting seeds in soil, it has beautiful purple flower.

empty plastic bottle garden

Make Plastic Bottle Garden From Waste Empty Cold Drinks Bottles, While you Can buy Soft/cold drinks after use of bottle, do not throw this bottle into dustbin, but you can re-use this bottle for making beautiful garden for your kitchen garden (grow spinach, coriander, fenugreek, wheat sprouts, garlic, etc.) and other house decorative garden plants can be grown in this bottles, see the video and learn how to make empty plastic bottle garden at home. and save environment and making greenery and save money on buying plastic plant containers, you can use old plastic tins, barrel for garden container you need to make a hole in bottom and your container and it is ready! to grow new plants, save environment, save money.

flower show ahmedabad 2014 photos

Flower Show Ahmedabad 2014 Photos : Recently flower show 2014 has been organised by AMC ONGC Flower Show 2014. there are lots of Exotic Winter Seasonal flower, and Other Flower on Display, Sale by Nursery Stalls in this Flower Show.

Ahmedabad Flower Show 2014
Flower Show 2014
flower show ahmedabad
Design from Coleus, White Anthurium, Red Euphorbia, Hibiscus
red poinsettia flower show ahmedabad
Red Poinsettia

bonsai plants
Bonsai Plants Gallery

cycus plant
Cycus Revoluta Plant Centre
pink cosmos flower show ahmedabad
Pink Cosmos Flower Plant

dahliya flower plant
Dahliya Flower Plant
bird feeder from creeper
Bird Feeder
money plant nursery
Money Plant - Pothos Plant

flower elephant statue
Flower Elephant

green clean ahmedabad
Green and Clean Ahmedabad

garbera cut flower varieties
Gerbera Cut Flowers

flower show ahmedabad 2014

Flower Show 2014 in Ahmedabad Near Sabarmati Riverfront

Good Green News! Ahmedabad Citizens, AMC going to organised a Flower Show 2014 in Ahmedabad Near Sabarmati Riverfront, At Paldi this is such

Flower Show Ahmedabad 2014 Venue and Dates :
Venue : Behind Tagore Hall, Sabarmati River Front,
Paldi, Ahmedabad
Date : 25th January to 29th January 2014.

ficus bonsai plant
flower show ahmedabad 2014In this Show Exotic Varieties of Colourful Flower Plants and Foliage Plants used with Sculptures and Landscaping, and Various Garden Decoration and Winter Plants, Medicinal Plants, Garden tools and Accessories are on display and for sale by Nursery in Ahmedabad city and outside Gujarat are participate to demonstrate and sale their garden products, like coco peat moss, organic fertilizers, Garden Plastic Pots and Planters, vegetable seeds, plants, landscaping plants, flowers like petunia, gerbera daisy, marigold, vinca rosea, rose varieties, cycus revoluta, medicinal plants, bonsai plants are for display as well for sale. the purpose of this show to spread awareness and information for the garden plants and importance of plants in environments.

Photo Gallery of Flower Show Ahmedabad 2014 :

red white poinsettia plant
 Made from Dusty Miller, Red, White Poinsettia, Nerium Oleander Plant
bird from flower in ahmedabad

coleus plant

capsicum chili hybrid variety

half circle flower design

Vertical garden flower show ahmedabad 2014
Vertical Garden
rose flower parrot in ahmedabad flower show
Rose Flower Parrot
coleus plant
Coleus Plant

injured bird helpline numbers ahmedabad

Injured Bird Help Line Numbers Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar :

Save the Birds...Save Environment

Jivdaya Charitable Trust HELPLINE NUMBERS (Ahmedabad) :
+91 942 960 0108
+91 814 156 5606
+91 787 817 1727
+91 812 825 7004

Sajag Save Birds Helpline

AMC Birds Helpline Numbers for Uttarayan:
For Injured Birds Rescue on Uttarayan
Contact on Helpline Numbers During 6.00 am to 8.00 pm.

80 00 00 15 00
80 00 00 16 00
80 00 00 23 45
99 24 11 22 00

Animal Care Charitable Trust
Phone: 99798 50999 | 97270 53682
Email: info@animalcares.org
186, Opp. Peoples Co-Op Bank,
Nr. Ramesh Corporation, Paldi,
Ahmedabad (Gujatat) INDIA

Namoh Namah Parivar
9429410101, 9429410108, 9898302525, 9898402525
Address: Senior Citizen Garden,
Opp. Labdhi Vikram Flats,
B/H Dharnidhar Derasar, Vasna, Ahmedabad

Geetaben Rambhia Smruti Ahinsa Trust
Phone: 079 49010035

Asha Foundation:
9879877281, 9825317707, 9824037521

Asha Foundation,
Gandhinagar Area Helpline
Phone No : +91-9712722722, 903372272