grow vegetables at home in ahmedabad

kitchen gardening ahmedabad Grow Vegetables at home and make kitchen garden in ahmedabad at Apartment, bunglows compounds/ backyard/ balcony/ farm or in a terrace garden pots, plastic bags, hanging basket, or in a waste plastic containers make drainage hole, add vermi compost fertilizer or cow dung add river soil and farm soil mix it all well and grow your choice kitchen garden vegetables seeds, Read the Below Season wise Vegetable plants growing information in ahmedabad. in summer vacation time you can also teach your children to how to grow vegetables at home, and give them knowledge of nurture plants and how to live close to nature.  

        Kitchen Vegetable Gardening Seeds

Summer to Rainy Season :
  • કારેલા karela (Momordica charantia)
  • કાકડી (વેલો) Kakdi / Kakri Creeper
  • ટીડોડા (વેલો) (Coccinia grandis) Creeper
  • દૂધી (વેલો) (Bottle gourd) Creeper
  • કોળા (વેલો) (Pumpkin) Creeper
  • ગલકા (વેલો) (Silk Squash) Creeper
  • ગવાર (Cluster Beans) 
  • ભીંડા (Ladyfinger)
  • ચોળી (Cowpea Seeds)
  • પાલક (Spinach)
Winter (September to December)
  • વાલોર (val papdi/ English: broad beans)
  • વટાણા (Green peas)
  • Papdi (Broad beans)
  • બીટ  beatroot
  • ગાજર (Carrot)
  • મૂળા સફેદ (White Radish)
  • મૂળા લાલ (Red Radish)
  • ધાણા (કોથમીર)
  • મેથી (Fenugreek)
  • ડુંગળી (Onion)
  • પપૈયા (Papaya)
  • કોબીજ (Cabbage)
  • ફ્લાવર (Cauli flower)
  • બ્રોકોલી (Brocolli)
  • સેલેરી (Celery)                       
Happy Kitchen Gardening !!!

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