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Bird Feeder
Place Bird Feeder at Your Home backyard, compound or balcony hanging it there. to Attract Indian Sparrow, Finch, Parrots, Doves, Pigeons, Bulbul, Robin, Indian Myna (kabar bird) and other birds. you can buy online bird feeders in india through below links, place order and get bird feeders. Save the nature.

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finch bird feeder india

silve bill finch feeder ahmedabad

Buy Bird Feeder Online

Happy Bird Feeding....!!!

Seeds for Birds Feeding in Ahmedabad :
  • Bajra (pearl millet)
  • Juvar - Juar (jowar) Sorghum
  • Wheat (Ghau)
  • Corn
  • Kanki (broken rice)
  • Moong (Mug)
  • Sesame seed (ocassionally)
  • Ground nut seed (sing)
  • Kang (Foxtail millet) Kangni (Hindi)
you can also offers small chopped vegetable and fruits like cabbage, carrot, cucumber, french beans (fansi), fresh corn, Fruits like apple, guava (jamfal).

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