adenium flowers in summer bonsai plant beauty

Adenium plant flowers in Summer at Ahmedabad - Look the beauty of bonsai adenium plant with flowers

India vs australia india win in ahmedabad - enjoy without busting firecrackers

India v/s Australia match held at ahmedabad and finally india win the match by 261/5 wickets in 47.5 Overs and people are enjoy the moods of winning team india i heard the voice of fire crackers, people are busting fire crackers and enjoying the winning team india. but dear friends do not busting fire cracker because fire crackers increasing voice and air pollution both. and already temperature is high in ahmedabad.  so instead wasting money in buying for busting firecrackers give ice-cream to your family and friends. you can help india by add some more things to winning of carbon credit by to india and i fill very bad when every time people doing same things when team india winning. i love cricket match and wish to win team india but do not make sad your environment. when you are enjoying the jasna of jeet. Every time i request you to enjoy with difference way because you also feel the temperature is high in ahmedabad in this summer in coparison to other past years. and all you people are educated and aware about nature so this is my humble request to listen my heartly request. and enjoy jitka ka jasna. - Best of Luck India to Win World Cup - 2011

How to make natural colours at home for holi festival

How to Make Natural Colours at Home for Holi festival

"center for environment education" starts a campaign for "Holi festival" to aware people and specially children about harms of chemical colors, and using eco friendly natural colors, regarding this campaign a team of twelve people goes to different schools, community centres, organizations and in the society for inspiring people to use natural colours instead of harmful toxic chemical colors. they also make one slogan " Nature's color with along with nature" they are teaching how to make natural colours at home on Holi festival.

How  to Prepare eco friendly colors at home:

Yellow Colour
Add turmeric (haldi) powder with chick pea flour (besan) 

Pink Color
Add Slices of Beetroot in whole night.
Take some kesuda flowers (Butea frondosa) add in water 24 hours and get orange natural water.

Take some dry amla pieces (Indian gooseberry) add into steel tin whole night with water

Orange - red paste
Henna leaves (mehndi) can be dried, powdered and mixed with water.
And you can help environment by using little or less woods in "Holika Dahan" and minimal use of water while playing holi and if you are playing with plain water play holi in the garden area or in the open land. that water taken by the land or plants of the garden. always keep environment aspects in every action taken by us and try to save them. in ahmedabad last several years people are going to celebrate holi in clubs and waterparks.