bicycle sharing helps fight pollution

Bicycle Sharing Service Starts in Ahmedabad, Which Can Helps in Fight With Pollution in City!

“Transport is slightly different from other challenges of a developing society such as health or education. Health, Education improve as a society gets richer, but transport…transport gets worse as a society gets richer!”

We've been widening our roads, constructing more and more flyovers and building bigger and bigger parking lots thinking that at one point it would suffice…but that is clearly not working isn’t it?.

The problem is, the more space we give to cars, the more cars appear on the road and the more space they take. If you think traffic is a problem limited only to developing countries..look at U.S., Japan or for that matter even China!

Ever wondered why man has still not been able to solve this problem? Cause, forget petrol, parking is an even more scarce commodity. And if we still haven’t realised, we have arrived at a saturation point where there is no more parking available even if we are willing to shell money for it.

So then is there a way out?
YES! Sooner than later, we the people, will have to adopt public transport (BRTS, AMTS) as part of our daily commute. Agreed, public transport has a limitation, that of giving first and last mile connectivity (Origin -> Transit Point -> Transit Point -> Destination), but not anymore.

AMDAVADIS, its time to ride MYBYK! India’s first Bicycle Sharing Service

How Bike Share works?

How can one become member of MYBYK?

How much does it cost?

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