Easy to Grow Flower Plants for Gardens in Ahmedabad

Easy to Grow Flower plants for Gardens in Ahmedabad :

1. Ixora (Red, Pink, White, Yellow, Orange) (એકઝોરા)   
2. Nerium Oleander (કરણ) – Single, Double Flower Single Available in White, White and Yellow
    Mix, Red blood, Pink, light Pink and Double Available now in                                                       Pink and Red Blood Pink)
3. Canna (Orange, Yellow, White, Pink) (કેના)
4. Champa ( Hybrid Small White Flower, and Desi Champa )
5. Tikoma Gaudi Chaudi (Yellow, Pink Flowers) Hybrid variety Tikoma capancis
6. Vinca Rosea (Barmasi) (બારમાસી) 
7. Bougainvillea (બોગનવેલ) Many Colours like White, Pink, Orange, Variegated bougainvillea.
8. Quisqualis indica (Madhumalti) (મધુમાલતી) fragrant plant
9. Chandni – (Botanical Name: Ervatamia coronaria )
10. Hibiscus - (જાસુદ) Desi and English Varieties both well grown but some time mealybug can harm and searing up the plants.
11. Mogra - (મોગરા) બટ મોગરા (મોટા ફૂલ સારી સુગંધ), મોતિયા મોગરા (મોતી જેવા ફૂલ), મોગરા ની વેલ.