Chickoo - Shady tree with Fruits

We known chickoo plant as a chickoodi in Gujarat. It is grown up to hundred feet in height. Chickoo plant stop the winds. It’s age is long and have a dark green leaves. If you wish to grow trees who gives shade and fruits with increasing beauty of your landscape, I am suggesting you chickoo plantation because its mature tree looking beautiful and it’s sweet fruits also beneficial for our health too. Grafted chickoo plant given instant fruits starting from plantation because it can be grafted using its mother plant branch and base plant is rayan plant. Generally in Gujarat nurseryman are grafted plant by rayan kalam. If you have an open space in society, farmhouse or in backyard this is good plant for plantation. Birds also like this plants fruits so they often comes on this trees and you can listen parrots and other birds chirping sweet voice also. There are two types of chickoo grown by the farmers in Gujarat. One is “kalipatti chickoo” (it’s fruit shape like an egg) and second is “football chickoo” (it’s fruit looks like a round ball) in Gujarat this trees are major horticulture cash crop.

If different countries chickoo known by different names, India and Pakistan it is known by chickoo. It’s English name is “Sapodilla”. In south India ( Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh) they know as sapodilla. In Indonesia it known as “sawo” and costarica, cuba, Puerto rico, Nicaragua, Venezuela an domanican Dominican Republic it is famous by “nispero”. In the fruit of chickoo the presence of latex is high and does not ripen until chickoo picked.