Celebrate Green Navratri in Gujarat - Ahmedabad

How we can help to stop global warming by wasting less energy and less pollution during the navratri and enjoy “green Navratri” for our helath and environment safety, and spread the message in the world that Gujarati’s are also care all the aspects during their festivals also.   

This festival celebrated in baroda, ahmedaba, rajkot, surat big cities of Gujarat so there are lots of air, noise and plastic pollution we can stop by our little efforts.  

In Navratri festival in Major pollution is loud noise pollution. We can use decrease it by “dhol ne tale ” and lower/medium loud speaker voice at garba place. And follow the rules by the government time restriction. Use the limited lights for saving the electricity. By some activities we can helps to stop lots of airpollution during this nine days festival. Instead of going to clubs and party plots celebrate the garbas with your friends at your society/apartments, by this activity you can enjoy ras garba with your relatives. and save the fuel which is the major air pollution factor during the festival. All the youngsters roaring here and there with their vehicles. But how much pollution their smoke spread they don’t know. Some of the society arranges the snacks in garbas so avoding the disposable glasses and dishes you can save money and decrease the plastic pollution this plastics are not recyclable and dangerous for earth. 

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