Make Fertilizer at home and keep the Soil Healthy

By making fertilizer at home by vegetable, flowers and fruit waste for making compost fertilizer you need one big container if you are living in apartment and for open space owner they directly make it at land. You can dump vegetable wastes in the land or container and fill with soil do not giving water in this area after 15-20 days vegetable waster converted into compost fertilizer and also improve the soil quality where it is dumping the soil can absorbs the all water part from the waste so the fertilizer and nutrient in the waster can be transferred into the soil so the soil can get some minerals and vitamins. This soil and fertilizer can help the plant to its natural growth and good flowering quality can be improves. Try and see the result so you have not need to pay for costly fertilizers for your garden and plants.

By this technique we can stop to spread vegetable and fruit waste on the road side. Some people are throwing vegetable wastes packed in plastic bag and throw near road side. So it can be eaten by cows so this plastic is poisonous for cows also and some major stomach problems in the cows. and this task done by womens help and most women also helps in gardening and they also like gardening activity. i believe that every people can develop the garden by his own's responsibility to save environment and it is a true indian.  

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