Tulsi house Plant Benefits and Care

Tulis Plant : Benefits and Care

Tulsi Plant is a Pious Plant in Hindu Religion and Every House have this plant if they reside in Flats, Apartment, Bunglows or Farmhouse all are making pooja and planted in their homes. this plant also have some medicinal uses. there are basic two varieties of this plant ram tulsi and shyam tulsi.

Tulsi is a medicinal plant that confer durability. Its healing use prove amazingly winning. Each part of the Tulsi plant possesses medicinal property. If eleven Tulsi leaves are taken with four black pepper seeds, malaria, periodic fever and all other ailments will be cure.Gradhrasivata, or sharp pain in nerves of the body. If steam from boiling water contain Tulsi foliage is used for fomentation of the affected part, much relief` is obtained.

Elderly people who take Tulsi do not experience weakness of old age. Tulsi becomes more effective when used with Yogic asanas and breath-control exercises. To lose weight or to gain weight. Tulsi has proved to be an infallible remedy for poor digestion, lack of appetite, constipation, flatulence, acidity and other disorders of the digestive tract.

Tulsi plant is easy to grow and easy to care if you are using this plant leaves for medicinal purpose then use organic,vermi compost or cow dung as a fertilizer for this plant. it is natural fertilizers. and it can keep the plant healthy and fit. also give good fragrance from leafs, do not give too much watering to this plant becuase it may cause the plant and  turn the leaves yellow and take proper care of this plant in summer when the water requirement is high. mulch the soil once in month to keep the plant healthy and it is good for its growth. tulsi plant have a power of decreasing air pollution so grow more tulsi plants at your home. it can make your garden green and make the air clean and fresh for your health. you can grow this plant any where in containers, but mud pots are the best to grow this plant and land growing is the first preference it have ground soil. and also make the positive effect on your home environment. People from india Residing into Abroad like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New zeland can also grown tulsi at their home they only need to get basil seeds while they come to india or get it by some one relative visiting india can get for them.

How to Grow Tulsi Plant:

(તુલસી નો છોડ ઉગાડવાની રીત)
  • Take one Container or Choose Space for Growing Tulsi
  • Take River Soil (compost) or Farm Soil
  • Take Dry Powdered Form of Cow dung or Vermi Compost.
  • Mix the Soil and Fertilizer Well.
  • Fill the Container with half portion of soil and half of fertilizer and mix it well.
  • Spread the Tulsi Plant Seeds on the upper side and sprinkle little mix of soil/ fertilizer on it so seeds can hide little bit.
  • Give the Water to soil/ container (do not give too much water).
  • Give the water Continously daily basis as soil can get dry. Seeds can be germinate in few days.
  • You can grow this plant in any season. rainy season is best to transplant, fast growing from seeds.