croton propogation by leaf

Croton Plant Propogation by Leaf :

croton plant propogationSee this video and know how to propogate croton plant from leaf, beautiful exotic colourful croton is the choice of every garden lovers, its propogation also possible by air layering technique and stem cuttings. air layering technique gives maxium sucessful results to make new plant of croton. and in the rainy season cuttings also can gives you a good results too. this plant requires sun light, but not too hard sunlight. it is not a indoor plant, and need amount of water and fertilizer for their good growth, in ahmedabad it can requires special care in summer time while temperature goes upto 45 degrees, you need to put this plant under the shady trees, or agriculture green net. this plants are generally comes from pune, bangalore, andhra pradesh, calcutta in gree houses. but by your efforts and little care, it can be sucessfully grown by airlayering and leaf propogation and cuttings techniques in ahmedabad.