control mosquito using house plants

You would like to control mosquito to your home and backyard, it is possible by planting some plants which fragrance keep the mosquito away from your home, room and backyard garden. It is apply on your skin while you have to stay outside your house, apply it on your skin.

Marigold : The aroma that marigolds release will stop mosquitoes from incoming a particular area.

Citronella : Citronella masks the surrounding scents around your home and garden that attract mosquitoes, preventing them from coming too near. Citronella can raise to a height of up to between 5 ft and 6 ft (1.52 meter also 1.82 meters) and form in large, green clump.

Catnip : Grow catnip in your garden or backyard if you do not have cats for pet , Catnip can be grown-up straight next to plants that be a focus for mosquitoes as a restraint; however, neighborhood cats and your pet cats may be attracted to the catnip.

Horsemint : Horsemint works similarly to citronella, but can withstand dry weather, sandy soil, and salty air. Grow horsemint in both a in the shade or light area with enough room to allow the plant to grow between 2 ft and three ft in together width and height

Ageratum : Ageratum secretes a fragrance measured odious to mosquitoes, and simply grows to a most of 18 inch in height. Grow ageratum in any type of soil in a location that receive unfair or full experience to through sunshine.

Herbs that keep away mosquitoes
In adding up to having the capability to consume them, herbs such as rosemary, basil, lemongrass, and garlic will naturally keep mosquitoes gone.

Squash and rub firm sort of mosquito 
Repellent foliage on your skin, this strength of character help prevent mosquitoes in areas of your home or backyard that may not enclose mosquito revolting plants. In addition to maintenance your skin protected away from home.