flower, fruit & vegitable horticulture exhibition 2013

Fruit, Flower and Vegitables Horticulture Exhibition 2013

Exhibition of Flowers, Vegitables and Fruits at Gujarat Horticulture nursery ahmedabad, Near GLS College, held on 8th Feb to 10th Feb 2013. There are Lots of Variety of Grafted, Variegated, Fruit, Flower and Vegitables on Display and for sale here. Bonsai Plants, Orchids, Gerbera, Dahlia, Chickoo, and there are many varieties in this exhibition. Some city and Outside of Ahmedabad Nursery are Participated in this exhibition with Different nursery plants, flowers, vegitables, fertilizers, containers, hanging baskets, bonsai plants and other products related to garden and gardens ornamental items. Garden Lovers and Landscape Enthusiast are looking happy after visiting the Exhibition. here are some photos/pictures of the exhibition.

big dudhi bottle gourd vegitable exhibition
barmasi plant benefit information
Barmasi Plant Benefits
cream carnation flower
Carnation Flower
red chili plant
Mirchi Plant - Red Chili Plant - Gujarati Marcha
red yellow green capsicum chili veg
Colourful Capsicum Chili
chickoo plant bonsai
Chickoo, Adenium Plant Bonsai
flower nursery exhibition in ahmedabad

flowers in ahmedabad

money plant ahmedabad
Pothos - ( Moneyplant )
ficus bonsai
Ficus Plant Bonsai

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