How to grafting a plant at home - make new plants from mother plant

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How to Propogate New Plants at a home, if you have old specimens and mother plants here is the simplest method how to graft a plant at home and produce new plant by Air layering which is one of the method of growing new plants. 

You can propogate Rose, Ficus, Banyan tree, Chickoo plant (Sapota plant), Rubber plant, Draceana plant, by air layering method, for this method you need only one plastic bag, moist soil, rubber band or dori, sphagnum moss (optional), after one month new roots can seen in the bag when bag filled with the roots cut down from the end of the bag, carefully uncover the plastic put the plants into pot, or in plantation space watering it, for few days after plating keep the plants under the shady area or protect from direct heavy sunlight. 

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