Mini zoo in ahmedabad - Rasala nature park

Have you been Ever find that are you sitting at the opposite site of the GLS Collage and near few steps away spotted deers, monkeys, lovebirds, budgerigar, turtles and rabbits are in his own enjoyment with lots of trees surrounded. I am talking about a mini zoo named “Rasala Nature Park” who is situated in the posh area of Ahmedabad at Opposite Gymkhana, Near GLS collage, Law Garden Cross Road the place is children friendly place.

white pigeon ahmedabad park
Where children can learn about cute animals  recently white turkey, duck, fancy pigeons white and black, Persian Cats are there and sledges, swings, marry go rounds for children. Park close at seven p.m. in the evening. Another big city zoo in ahmedabad is Kankaria zoo (Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahalay) at kankaria and one of the beautiful lake are there.the medium size zoo at Gandhinagar is Indroda Nature Park.

monkey rasala nature park The zoo at Indroda nature park has animals like leopard, spotted deer, sambar, bluebull, blackbuck, chinkara, jackal, four-horned antelope, crocodile, porcupine, about 180 birds (42 species of birds in the aviary). like budgerigar, indian ring neck, dove, duck, pigeon,  rosella parrot, rabbit, python, Saras, lovebirds. The Park has about 65 birds which build their nests every year in the wilderness of the park. In the snake park, there are number of venomous and non-venomous snakes.which is spread over an area of about 400 ha in Gandhinagar- the capital city of Gujarat.

Sundarvan in Ahmedabad - a Mini zoo - Children's Best Fun with Animal World

Sundarvan is situated near ISRO Ahmedabad at satellite, you can find here best place for children to educate them with animals very closely and they can enjoy this place also. you can seen here budgerigar, cockatiel, love bird, finches, white pigeon, rabbit, turtle, different types of snakes, anaconda, fish aquarium, hamsters, cock, etc. they also arrange "Snake Show" to give information on different types of Snakes.

Sundarvan Phone No.: 079-26921838
Entry Fees: Yes