nature birds conservation products

Nature Birds Conservation Products

Nature Birds Conservation products like bird feeder, bird water drinker, bird bath, bird nest in Ahmedabad, By Greenman Garden Agro Center, Ahmedabad.
teracotta bird bath
Teracotta Bird Bath Cum Bird Water Feeder Price: 249/-
Bird food feeder ahmedabad
Bird feeder - Price: 155/-

Sparrow Bird Nest Box - Price: 450/-

Contact for Garden Birds Products in Ahmedabad.
Call: 9913280312

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Waste decomposer by National Center of Organic Farming

Waste Decomposer by NCOF - National Center of Organic Farming

Waste Decomposer is developed by NCOF - National Center of Organic Farming,  Waste decomposer is a consortium of beneficial microorganisms and is able to convert all types of waste from the kitchen, agriculture, and animal etc in forty days in a usable form. This product is for Doubling farmers income and reduces input of Urea, DAP, and other Chemical fertilizers in Farming, and also useful for Organic Farming. Waste decomposer can convert the Bio waste into a good organic manure.

By Using Waste decomposer in Urban/ city areas people can convert their daily kitchen waste/ dry leaves, garden waste into organic manure and producing organic vegetable in their home, terrace garden, kitchen garden, society common plots, ideal spaces.

Salient Features of Waste Decomposer :

  • Simple & Reliable
  • Ready to use (within 5 days)
  • Longer Shelf  Life 
  • Recommended for all Crops
  • Better crop response
  • Works as a great component for clean india movement (Swachh Bharat Mission) by converting bio-waste into organic manure.
  • Low cost (only Rs.20 per bottle)
  • More than 1 Lakh metric tonne organic manure could produce from 1 bottle per year by farmers.

Process of Process of Mass multiplication
  • Take 2 kg jaggery (Desi jaggery is good if possible) and mix it in a plastic drum containing 200 liters water.
  • Now take 1 bottle of waste decomposer and pour all its contents in a plastic drum containing jaggery solution.
  • Mix it properly with a wooden stick for uniform distribution of waste decomposer in the drum.
  • Cover the drum with a paper or cardboard and stir it every day once or twice.
  • After 5 day the solution of drum turns creamy.
Note : Farmers could prepare the waste decomposer solution again and again from the above solution. for this 20 liters of waste decomposer solution is added to a drum with 2 kg of jaggery and 200 liter water added. again it will be ready in 7 days.
waste decomposer ahmedabad

Visit the Youtube Channel for Videos for more details and results of Waste decomposer in Organic Farming, Kitchen Garden, Terrace garden. All the farmers reviews and contact number given in videos. This product is good for all types of Crops Grains, Fruit, Flower, Herbs, Ornamental plants.

1. Dr. Krishan Chandra, Director NCOF (National Center of Organic Farming).

2. Dr. Jagat Singh.

Detailed Information in PDF

How to Get Waste Decomposer :

1.) By Money Order At NCOF

Sector 19, Hapur Road, Kamla Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad (UP) - 201002
Phone : 0120-2764906, 2764212: Fax 0120-2764901
Email :
Price: 20/- Per bottle.

2.) Online available at